The inquisitor entered the dungeon to the delightful sounds of Lady Ashley’s high-pitched screams of agony. Ignoring the beautiful naked woman stretched tautly upon the wheel rack. He turned to the Inquisition’s executioner, “It appears that Lady Ashley has yet to confess. The grand inquisitor will be displeased. He expects her confession of heresy to be forthcoming so the church can seize her lands and fortune once she burns at the stake. How long has she been on the rack?”

Grim-faced, the executioner replied, “Come sunset, she’ll have been on the rack for three days. If I tighten the rack further, I fear she’ll die without confessing.”

“Very well. Leave the rack as it is and begin the next stage of Lady Ashley’s interrogation. I see you’ve already started heating the irons and skewers. How long before you can begin?”

Pausing to glance at the flaming Brazier, “The irons should be hot enough in about thirty minutes.”

“Good, as usual, start with her nipples, followed by the red hot skewers through her breasts. After that, do as you think best, but if she still refuses to confess, save her clitoris for last.”

Pausing to look at Lady Ashley stretched painfully taut upon the rack, “I know you’re prideful, but all woman have their breaking point, and in time we will discover yours, Lady Ashley. Regardless of your willing confession, you will burn at the stake for your sins. All that remains to determine is if you’ll still be alive when that happens...”