Lady Gabriella started to panic the moment she saw the instrument of her torturous demise. What little remained of her dignity after eight brutal days of inquisition torture was the only reason she didn’t start struggling to break the Executioner’s grasp or beg for mercy. Instead, she turned and stared at the grand inquisitor.

“Lady Gabriella, by your actions, you have been found guilty of witchcraft and consorting with Lucifer. However, since you refused to confess your heresy, you will not be burned at the stake or hung on the gallows. Instead, you will face a slower and more agonizingly torturous death upon this aptly named demon’s cock. Once the demon’s cock is entirely inside your body, death usually comes after almost a full, obscenely brutal day of unrelenting agony.”

Listening to the grand inquisitor, I struggled to hold back my tears as he sentenced me to die. Naked, with my wrists painfully secured behind my back, I knew I had no hope of escaping my obscenely gruesome demise.

“Lady Gabriella, there is still time for you to earn the Inquisition’s mercy. Repent now, fully confessing your unholy crimes against god and the church, and I will personally commute your sentence. You will not have to endure the demon’s cock. Instead, with enough clothes to retain your modesty, you’ll face the hangman’s noose on the gallows. What do you say?”

Momentarily glancing at that ominously terrifying demon’s cock, I turned to look the inquisitor in the eyes, “I, Lady Gabriella, confessed witch and practitioner of the black arts, would rather die a thousand agonizing deaths upon that demon’s cock than beg for the Inquisition’s mercy. Furthermore, I curse you and everyone who participated in my tortuous questioning. When your time finally comes, I hope all of you spend eternity standing testicle-deep in hell’s sea of fire.”

I could see the look of anger growing on the inquisitor’s ugly face as he responded, “Executioner, gag the witch so she can’t further her blasphemy, then carry out her sentence.”

The Executioner roughly stuffed a leather gag into my mouth and strapped it tight. Then picking me up, he positioned my crotch directly over the blunt, rounded tip of the demon’s cock as two of his dungeon assistants grabbed my ankles, forcing my legs apart as they placed my calves within the widely spaced leg holders of the demon’s cock.

As the Executioner slowly started lowering me onto the demon cock’s thick wooden shaft, I was horrified to discover how sexually aroused I’d become, the wetness of my arousal offering no resistance as I felt the demon cock’s shaft forcing the walls of my vagina to accommodate it’s massive girth as it slipped steadily deeper into me.

Even gagged, Gabriella’s high-pitched scream of agony echoed off the execution chamber’s brick walls as the demon cock’s first ring of spikes tore into the sensitive, sexually aroused walls of her vagina.

The pain when it arrived far exceeded even my worst expectations. As those spikes slipped obscenely deeper into my sex, I could feel them ripping my insides apart. My blood was already coating the still-exposed part of the demon’s cock, the added lubricant only quickening my agonizing impalement.

Just when I thought the pain couldn’t get any worse, it did. My descent onto the demon’s cock suddenly stopped. Its rounded tip had reached my cervix.

Seeing the look of eager, sadistic anticipation on the faces of the inquisitors, I realized that it would only be a few minutes before the painfully growing pressure against my cervix would cause it to rupture, allowing the demon cock’s spiked shaft to continue its brutal, agonizing upward journey through my uterus and onward into my guts.

Gleefully watching Gabriella squirming in almost unimaginable agony, the inquisitors delightfully noticed the sudden increase in her cries as her body resumed its torturous downward travel. Her thoroughly spike-mutilated insides offered no further resistance as a few minutes later, her crotch finally reached the base of the demon’s cock.

Fully impaled upon the demon’s cock, I could feel its blunt rounded tip pressing painfully up against the underside of my diaphragm, making anything but the shallowest of breaths pure agony. Even then, with the slightest breath, I could feel the cock’s shaft cruelly shifting inside me, its unforgiving, razor-sharp spikes doing further agonizing damage to my mutilated insides.

The inescapable agony was both overwhelming and relentless. Everything hurt, even the muscles of my inner thighs. Fixated on the demon cock’s obscenely oversized and spike-covered shaft, it wasn’t until I was about halfway down that shaft before I noticed the painful effect those leg holders were having. With my legs already painfully spread, every inch I slipped deeper onto that brutal cock’s shaft forced my legs further apart until, as I finally reached the bottom of that shaft, it felt like both my hips were about to dislocate. Yet another unrelenting pain adding to the overwhelming agony radiating from my demon cock ravaged abdomen.

Gabriella survived for just over 26 hours after being impaled, the first of the demon cock’s several dozen victims to last more than 24 hours. In the end, her slow but mounting blood loss rendered her unconscious, her exhausted body slumping forward against the cock’s massive shaft, increasing its tip’s pressure against her diaphragm, making it impossible for her unconscious body to draw its next shallow breath. About three minutes later, with a faint convulsion, she died.

Early the following day, the Executioner’s two assistants moved Gabriella’s corpse down into the catacombs to an unsanctified chamber known as the witch’s pit, where they dumped her body for the Carron Beetles to feast upon her flesh until all that remained to mark her passing were her bones.