The high executioner was concerned when the Prince came into the torture chamber. After all, it was his fiancée that the high executioner was trying to extract a confession from.

“Please, high executioner, Lady Constance suffered three days upon the rack and whatever unspeakable torments she’s endured during that time. We both know of her guilt, but as her fiancée, I implore you, she’d taken enough, end this madness.”

“Your highness, your father, the king, was quite explicit. Besides, if she’d confessed while on the rack, her death beneath the headsman’s axe would have been swift. Instead, she refused, so the king sentenced her to this, a far more gruesome demise.”

“Besides, her ladyship’s death is now inevitable. Lowered onto the spike, with eight full inches of its cruelly barbed tip filling her sex, she is already as good as dead. Those sharp barbs would ensure that any attempt to lift her off the spike would brutally mutilate her sexually, leaving her to bleed to death in agony.”

Horrified, the Prince responded, “This torture she’s enduring is so fiendishly barbaric. There must be a way to end her suffering.”

“Of course, there’s always been a way to end her suffering, my Prince. If she desires to confess her betrayal, I promise you she’ll die a quick and mostly painless death. If she refuses, she’ll endure the king’s intended, slow and utterly agonizing death, one that will take long torturous hours to conclude.”

Gesturing toward Lady Constance, “The fire at the base of the shaft is already burning, heating the steel of the post, soon she’ll begin to feel that barbed tip inside her start to warm, then grow steadily hotter until it starts to burn her flesh.”

Smiling beneath his face-concealing hood, the executioner continued, “The smell of burning flesh, our trigger to slowly begin to lower her ladyship deeper onto the impalement shaft. Its sharp glowing tip rupturing her cervix, destroying her uterus and sliding upward into her intestines as its flesh-searing heat slowly cooks her insides.

His Majesty the Prince smiled, matching the high executioner’s own, “The death of Lady Constance, my fiancée, I accept that this is already a foregone conclusion. Yet, since she’s gagged, preventing her confession, if you’d allow me, I’d like to stay and watch her die. After all, since I’m to follow my father onto the throne, I can always get another fiancée...”