Secretly abducted by the King's men three days ago, Michelle found herself the guest of the King's High Executioner for three long and brutally torturous days in the King's dungeons. Ignoring her protests, Michelle's abductors stuffed a foul tasting rag deep within her mouth to stifle her screams, chained her wrists behind her back and dragged her away. Entering a part of the castle that Michelle had never ventured her abductors led the young woman down a long and winding staircase, a staircase that eventually led to one of the ancient castle's deepest and darkest dungeons.

Reaching the dungeons Michelle's abductors turned their helpless captive over to the tender mercy's of the King's High Executioner. Grabbing a handful of Michelle's long dark hair he brutally dragged the young woman over to where a heavy chain dangled from the torture chamber's high stone ceiling. Frozen in terror Michelle watched helplessly as King's High Executioner attached the end of the dangling chain to the short chain that linked her manacled wrists together. Michelle watched the High Executioner in mounting terror as he casually turned toward one of his waiting henchman and nodded. Within seconds Michelle screamed as the quickly rising chain started to drawn her manacled wrists painfully higher behind her back.

The High Executioner admired the way Michelle managed to keep her composure despite the terror that she must be feeling. Watching the helpless young woman's eyes intently he waited for that first tear of utter desperation to trickle down Michelle's lovely cheek. That moment she realized the utter desperation of her perilous predicament, that inevitable moment the mounting tension of her steadily rising wrists finally forced Michelle helplessly up onto the tips of her toes. Teetering on the tips of her toes, Michelle whimpered softly as the High Executioner's henchman quickly stripped her of her garments to leave her young desirable body helplessly exposed before the leering eyes of High Executioner. Watching as his men finished removing the last of Michelle's clothing the High Executioner stepped forward and forced Michelle's thighs apart as he roughly shoved two fingers deep into her sex. Staring into the High Executioner's hooded eyes as she felt his fingers probing the tight depths of her sex Michelle felt hot tears of shame running down her cheeks as a darkly sinister look of evil understanding appeared in the High Executioner's eyes as his probing fingertips encountered Michelle still intact hymen.

Even at the end, long torturous days later, Michelle still couldn't forget what happened to her that awful first night. The way the High Executioner forced her to bring her legs up around his waist as he undid the front of his tunic. The utterly demeaning way he chose to brutally rape her and take her virginity. The long hours of abuse that followed as the High Executioner and his henchman used her body again and again in an unrelenting cycle of rape and sodomy interspaced by brief but viciously brutal floggings. It wasn't until the next morning, as his henchmen secured Michelle upon the wheel rack, that the High Executioner even bothered to explain the reason for what was happening to her.

"The King suspects that his wife, the Queen, is having an affair with one of his Dukes. And he believes that she's using you, her most trusted companion, to pass notes to her lover." Seeing the look of horror in Michelle's lovely blue eyes, the High Executioner continued, "Lady Michelle, you must know it's impossible to hide the truth from me, tell me what I need to know before it's too late."

Dangling helplessly upon the wheel, Michelle could feel the wheel's cold metal spikes pressing against the smooth white skin of her back as she watched the High Executioner ominously remove a set of iron pinchers from the red-hot coals of the brazier. "Please, Lord High Executioner, I beg you don't do this. The Queen has never once confided her infidelities to me. I know nothing of this."

The High Executioner only smiled as he responded, "Why Lady Michelle, I'm glad that you desire to spend some time experiencing the agonizing delights of my torture chamber." Pausing only to nod to one of his waiting henchman the High Executioner continued, "For your sake Lady Michelle, I hope that in a few hours, when we pause to ask again, you'll have changed your mind about answering the King's questions."

Michelle could already feel the heat emanating from those red-hot pinchers against the bare exposed flesh of her crotch as the wheel rack began to stretch her obscenely exposed body painfully taunt. Moments later her high-pitched screams echoed off the dungeon's ancient stone walls.

It wasn't until late in the morning of Michelle's third day within the High Executioner's torture chamber that she finally managed to convince the High Executioner that she was truly innocent of conspiring to help the Queen communicate with her illicit lover. Standing before Michelle, her horribly abused and barely conscious body still dangling upon the wheel rack where she'd spent the last two days, the High Executioner gave his final instructions to his waiting henchmen, "It's clear this one is unwilling to provide any useful information to confirm the King's suspicions. Prepare your men to abduct another of the Queen's trusted companions tonight. I'll deal with Lady Michelle."

Drawing his sword as he approached, the High Executioner stared deep into Michelle's pain wrought eyes as he spoke, "Lady Michelle, by now you must know that the King can never allow you to leave this dungeon alive. Tell me the details of the Queen's indiscretions and I promise to make your death a quick and fairly painless ordeal. Refuse and I will insure you suffer a long and agonizingly painful demise."

Michelle felt fresh tears of despair running down her cheeks as she briefly closed her eyes at the sight of the High Executioner's razor-sharp sword poised to end her life. Then, turning her head until her tear filled eyes met the cold hard stare of the High Executioner, Michelle said, "Lord High Executioner, you know that I'm innocent and know nothing the Queen's indiscretions. Please, I beg of you to spare my life."

Staring into Michelle's eyes the executioner raised his sword and said, "Lady Michelle, by refusing to answer the questions of the King you have already sealed your fate. Personally I'm glad you've chosen to ignore your last chance for a quick death, I find the erotic sound of your high-pitched screams completely delightful."

Michelle had just enough time to scream, "Please No!" before the High Executioner slashed downward with his sword.

The High Executioner disemboweled Michelle, the razor-sharp blade of his sword opening the woman's belly from her sternum to her crotch. Stepping back, the High Executioner watched as Michelle's already desperate screams rose to a delightfully higher pitch as the young woman's intestines slowly spilled onto the dungeon floor.

But even at the end, Michelle was young and strong. She still managed to survive though several agonizingly brutal hours of torment before death finally claimed her life.