Stopped on the road to Vienna by masked brigands, Lady Beth watched helplessly as her attackers brutally butchered her family's retainers. Beth's worst fears confirmed as two of the foul brigands dragged her from her carriage and cruelly ripped open the bodice of her gown exposing her full ripe bosom to the cold leering eyes of her assailants.

Terrified beyond words, Beth could only watch in horror as the leader of the savage bandits casually paused to wipe the blood from his sword before saying to his men, "This pretty little thing should fetch us a handsome price from the Baron."

A darkly ominous gleam appeared in his eyes as he continued, "The Baron is always looking for beautiful young things for his evening's entertainment. You two, see that she'd delivered to his castle dungeons at once." The last thing Beth remembered was a sudden sharp impact against the back of her head followed by darkness.

Beth awoke to find herself trapped within the depths of hell. Already nude and shackled helplessly upon some diabolical instrument of torture Beth struggled not to cry out as she began to fully comprehend the obscene horror of her fate.

The iron manacles upon her wrists and ankles held her nude exposed young body arched uncomfortably against the wheel. The constant chilling presence of the wheel's sharp iron spikes pressing against the smooth unblemished skin of her back a terrifying reminder of the horrors to come.

Looking down Beth stared in horror at the spike covered rollers positioned beneath the wheel, their bloodstained condition ample evidence that the she was not the first women fated to take part in this Baron's diabolical entertainments.

Alone in the cold, dimly lit dungeon Beth helplessly awaited her torturous fate as the long hours passed until at long last she heard the sound of approaching footsteps until finally, the sinister form of a hooded executioner appear from out of the darkness.

Watching as he walked toward her, Beth felt a sudden, overwhelming, sense of doom radiating from the depths of her soul as the executioner ideally toyed with the heavy iron pliers he carried in his hands, his cold black eyes lingering over the fullness of her breasts before he finally moved to stand ominously close to the gears that controlled the motion of the torture wheel she was so helplessly shackled upon. And most ominous of all, the way the executioner simply stood there waiting.

A few minutes later Beth once again heard the sound of footsteps approaching in the darkness. Turning to look toward the approaching footsteps Beth's eyes widened in horrified shock as she recognized the man walking toward her. Fighting to control the terror that threatened to rob her of any lingering vestiges of composure, Beth stared into the eyes of the Baron and said, "It's you. How could you, of all people, do this to me?"

The Baron watched the terror blossoming in Beth's lovely blues eyes and smiled, "Dearest Beth, you should know that when I discovered the true identity of the latest women to grace my dungeon torture chamber with her presence, I was tempted to set you free."

The Baron's smiled darkened noticeably as he continued, "But, of course, freeing you is quite impossible. You see, I can never allow your family to discover my part in your disappearance."

Beth was still staring into the cold unfeeling eyes of her own grandfather, the Baron, when she suddenly screamed in agony at the first cruel bite of the executioner's pliers as their brutal iron teeth slowly crushed her left nipple.