Having foolishly laughed at the Cardinal's lewd sexual advances, Lady Ann quickly discovered the price for angering such a rich and powerful man. Abducted from her father's palace her kidnappers delivered Lady Ann into the hands of a fiend.

Stripped of her clothing and chained to the Cardinal's bed by his retainers, she'd endured days of cruel debauchery. Her once virginal flesh violated in ways she'd never imagined possible as the Cardinal spent long days ruthlessly raping and sodomizing her.

Now, with the Cardinal having grown tired of her abused young body, she found herself consigned to the depths of his castle's grim dungeons, there to suffer a slow and agonizing death upon the sharp spikes of the dungeon's horrible iron maiden.

Listening to the executioner and the captain of the guards discussing her fate, Lady Ann hung her head in despair. It seems the evil Cardinal wasn't finished with her debasement, the evil fiend had ordered his guards to rape her before her execution.

And while it hardly counted as an act of mercy, there would be a brief delay of her execution. It was simply a mater of the mathematics. It seems there were over six hundred men in the Cardinal's guard.