“At first, I wasn’t sure of the new Abbot’s changes, especially his rescinding our vows. But I’ll admit, I like the changes, no more vows of silence or poverty and no abstaining from wine. I’m especially enjoying the rescinding of our vows of chastity.”

Brother John paused to take another sip of wine, “Take her ladyship. She endured three delightful days of unrelenting torture before finally confessing to heresy. Now, the Abbot takes possession of her lands and wealth. But as her inquisitors, we get to partake of the pleasures of her flesh before she burns at the stake in the morning.”

A sharp gasp of pleasure escaped Brother John’s lips as he climaxed deep inside her ladyship, “After you’ve finished ravaging her mouth and throat, you should try her ass. She’s incredibly tight, so tight that I suspect she was still an anal virgin until tonight.”

Brother Daniel pushed his cock, balls deep, into her ladyship’s throat as he felt his third orgasm of the evening approaching, “Perhaps you’re right, although I think you’ll find her ladyship has become quite the cock sucker. I especially like how her throat muscles convulse around me as I pump my seed straight down into her stomach.”

Ignoring the lingering traces of her ladyship’s blood coating his cock, Brother John refilled his wine glass, “Perhaps we should give her ladyship a few minutes to regain her strength while we enjoy another glass of wine. After all, we have all night to enjoy the pleasures of her flesh. She doesn’t burn until dawn.”

I know this is a bit darker than what I usually do, but it was a request from an avid fan who sent me some rather revealing photos as an inducement. With fantasies like hers, I suspect she was born about five hundred years too late...