Despite her promise to remain strong until the very end, Lady Juliana felt a sudden chill pass through her nude form as she watched the executioner with his gleaming razor-sharp axe walking toward her.

The executioner ignored the look of overwhelming fear clearly visible within Lady Juliana's lovely eyes. She was not the first, nor would she be the last of King William's concubines to lose her life to the sharp blood-stained blade of his axe.

"Lady Juliana, the King has instructed me to be as merciful as possible so do try to make this easy on yourself. Lean forward and stretch your neck across the block, stare directly down at the ground with your chin past the block's far side."

Watching as the King's former concubine submissively complied with his orders, the executioner smiled beneath his concealing leather hood as he raised his executioner's axe up high.

Poised in the brief timeless moment, the executioner casually mentioned, "Not to worry Lady Juliana, I never miss on the first swing. Well, almost never."

Lady Juliana was just beginning to comprehend the obscenely horrible implications of the executioner's last words when his axe sliced through the back of her slender throat.