For the last few months, strange things had been occurring. Mysterious cloaked riders prowled the roads, darkened coaches passing through the village in the middle of the night, rumors of women from nearby villages mysteriously disappearing in the dead of the night. As the village minister's new wife she'd thought the rumors to be nonsense. That is until this night.

Sound asleep in the loving arms of her husband a loud crash suddenly awoke Gabrielle. And even before her husband could go to investigate, several heavily armed men burst into their bedroom. Gabrielle screamed in terror as their attackers moved toward them but even before she could turn to flee they were upon her.

Gabrielle cried out as her attackers roughly forced her arms together behind her back and bound her wrists. Within seconds they'd shoved a musty, foul tasting rag deep into her mouth to silence her screams and pulled a heavy cloth hood over her head. The last thing she'd seen as the hood came down over her eyes destroyed any lingering hopes of survival, her husband standing with his back to the wall as two of their assailants stabbed him repeatedly with their swords.

Gabrielle awoke lying on her side against the cold stone floor of a dimly lit cell. Tears welled up in her pretty blue eyes at the thought of her husband's death. But it only took her a moment to realize her peril, and while her wrists remained bound behind her back she was nude.

Of course, that had been several long and brutal hours ago. Dragged from her cell she'd quickly found herself helpless and totally exposed, standing with her neck and wrists locked within these horrible stocks, her ankles chained obscenely far apart. Only then did the evening's real entertainment commence.

The baron himself was the first to use her. Not content to merely rape her, the baron cruelly shoved the handle of his riding crop deep into the virgin tightness of Gabrielle's rectum. Only when he was sure she was bleeding enough to lubricate him did he pull the riding crop out and replace it with his own erect cock. And just to add a little something to the torment Gabrielle's was enduring as he sodomized her ass, he applied his riding crop to the smooth unblemished skin of Gabrielle's back.

Watching helplessly as the Baron and his friends stoked the brazier's glowing coals and placed their selected implements of torture in the coals to heat, Gabrielle correctly surmised that they finally gotten bored with merely raping and whipping her body. Clearly this evening's perilous entertainment was about to enter a new and decidedly more torturous phase. Although she remained locked helplessly within the stocks, Gabrielle could still clearly see the obscenely cruel look of sadistic anticipation in the Baron's cold evil eyes.