Send me some silk stockings 
     Smooth talking lipstick and curls 
     I want a woman 
     More than a girl 
     Need some lip-locking, cool walking 
     Diamonds and pearls 
     I'll wrap em all up 
     And give them the world 
     You know there ain't no woman 
     Like a woman in love 
     Ain't nothing 
     She can't rise above 
     She can part the water 
     When the seas get rough 
     But there ain't no woman 
     Like a woman in love 
      - Bon Jovi
A woman in love, a willing and utterly subservient slave, Gabriella is ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill her master's every sadistic desire, even if it means her death.

He carries her into the torture chamber, and despite the horrors that await her eyes never stray from her loving master's. Gabriella knows that the brutal impalement post waits. That all too soon she'll be screaming in unimagined agony as the unyielding steel shaft slides deeper and deeper into her obscenely violated body. She can already imagine that terrifying moment when the sharp tip of the shaft reaches her cervix, the strong muscular arms of her loving master easily supporting the weight of her shapely young body. The feeling of that cold cruel steel shaft filling her sex, that impossibly timeless moment when she looks deep into her master's cold merciless eyes and finally acknowledges her willingness to die for his darkly sadistic amusement. That moment of no return, when her master's strong arms relax their powerful grip on her thighs, the sudden almost overwhelming pain as the impalement shaft's razor-sharp barbs slip inevitably upward into the moist interior of her sex even as the sharp unyielding tip of the impalement post ruptures her cervix as it slides upward into her guts.

Gabriella feels her master's muscular arms tighten as they approach the waiting impalement post. Gabriella feels her heart pounding within her bosom as she realizes that her master intends no foreplay, that in mere moments she'll find herself helplessly impaled on that massive steel shaft. In that timeless moment Gabriella discovers she feels more alive then anytime in her life, that this horrifing moment is truly the culmination of everything she'd longed for, that final and ultimate expression of her subservient devotion to her sadistically cruel master.

Despite or perhaps because of the unspeakable horror, Gabriella's master noticed that brief glow of unbridled feminine lust in his lovely slave's green eyes, that final hedonistic moment of pleasure before the cruel impalement post became the uncompromising center of her pain-filled universe.

Of course, that lust only heightened the sadistic pleasure of watching his former slave's dying struggles as Gabriella spent the following two days dying in unrelenting agony for his pleasure.

A Woman in Love...