A place with no name. A secret location near Budapest that, twenty years ago, served as the inspiration for all those grotesquely brutal Hostel movies.

Arriving at the client services desk, Jason smiled at the beautiful young woman who rose to greet him, “Good evening Mister J and welcome back. Tonight, we have something you might find interesting, a ‘Wild Thing,’ As you know, many of East Europe’s wealthiest oligarchs are our organization’s clients. Like you, while they enjoy our services, they also take advantage of our organization’s ability to dispose of unwanted women. Women who are no longer appreciative of their lives of luxury and believe they’re entitled to the finer things in life.”

Dismissively waving her hand, she continued, Tonight, we have something unique to offer. Katerina, the former mistress of a wealthy Russian oligarch, one who’s outlived her usefulness. This devastatingly beautiful woman already awaits her torturous demise within one of our well-equipped torture chambers. If you’re interested, in addition to our usual one million Euro fee, a ‘Wild Thing’ like Katerina costs an additional premium of one hundred thousand Euro.”

Smiling, I replied, “I think you’ll discover that there are funds in my account to cover the additional fee. Is there anything else I should know about Katerina?”

A darkly worrisome grin appeared, “Well, Katerina can be impulsive when angered. She almost bit off her sponsor’s penis the night before he decided to send her to us. I’d recommend you forgo any thoughts of oral pleasure and keep her gagged. Also, in addition to our regular application of throat numbing spray to make her mute by paralyzing her vocal cords, ‘Wild Things’ are administered with a powerful aphrodisiac that heightens her sensations of pleasure and pain. The aphrodisiac’s effects make it easy to break her ego-fueled attitude and bend her to your will, especially if you decide to use electroshock and the whip to break her.”

“So, once the aphrodisiac takes effect, whatever moralistic inhibitions that might have once constrained Katerina will be gone, burned away in the searing heat of her uncontrollable aphrodisiac inflamed passion. And, regardless of how she may feel in the morning when it wears off, tonight she is yours to do with as you please, and the heat of her masochistic need to please will drive her to do things, things that in the morning will make her feel degraded, humiliated, utterly and truly used.”


I have to admit the woman from the client services desk was right. That powerful aphrodisiac, combined with the cruel application of the whip and cattle prod, broke Katerina’s spirit in less than an hour. For the rest of the night, I alternated between brutal torture and using her body to sate all my darkest sexual desires, and through it all, she responded with unbridled lust. It wasn’t until morning, as the aphrodisiac started to wear off, that the full depth of the depravity she so willingly embraced sunk in.

In the end, I could see it in her eyes as Katerina willingly embraced the knife, barely crying out, as I plunged it deep into her upper abdomen. Then, pulling its razor-sharp blade brutally downward through her guts, disemboweled her in a delightfully fatal explosion of blood and gore...