Starring into my eyes as I tightened the noose around Veronica’s neck, she asked, “Why?”

Smiling, I pause to savor the delightful look of fear in Veronica’s lovely eyes, before pressing the upper switch on the wall-mounted control box, activating the gallows overhead hoist. I could see the mounting terror in her eyes as the hoist gradually drew the noose taut around Veronica’s slender throat. The rope's steadily increasing tension forcing her up onto her toes, just as I relented and released the control box’s upper switch.

Teetering helplessly on the toes of her high heels, with that inspiring look of terror in her tearful eyes, I lightly caress the side of her lovely face. Then, not bothering to answer her question, I reach over and once again pressed the control box’s switch, this time holding it until Veronica’s desperately stretching toes dangled several inches above the floor.

I’ve often thought, that the sight of a beautiful woman struggling against the inevitable as she hangs from the noose, to be one of the most intensely erotic sights imaginable. The captivating look of fear and terror in a woman’s eyes, as she helplessly feels that deadly noose growing tighter around her throat until with that final moment, her breasts bouncing and swaying as she struggles to draw that last desperate breath before she dies.

Stepping close, I wrap my hands around the back of Veronica’s stocking clad thighs and lift her legs up around my waist as she instinctively crosses her ankles behind my back, squeezing my waist with her legs to lift herself slightly upward to reduce the noose’s pressure against her throat. Staring deep into her eyes, I slip my hands up onto her firm tight ass and slowly lift her higher, until the bulging head of my painfully hard erection slips between her legs and finds the moist heated folds of her sex.

Carefully lowering Veronica onto the throbbing tip of my erection, I felt the familiar and incredibly erotic sensation of her tight, impossibly warm, wetness gripping my invading cock, the look in her eyes starting to change, and while the look of fear and terror remains, now there was also the unmistakable look of pure carnal lust. In that timeless moment, a faint moan of sexual pleasure escaped her lips as I felt the almost painful death grip of her legs around my waist relax, her stocking clad knees sliding upward along my sides until the insteps of her high heels rested against the sides of my hips.

Sliding my hands up to grasp Veronica’s slender waist, I roughly pull her downward, sheathing the full length of my manhood within the tight straining depths of her sex in a single savage thrust that ends with the noose once again pulling tautly around her throat. Pausing for a moment, I revel at the incredible sensation of her vaginal muscles attempting to draw me deeper, even though we both can feel my cock already pressing upward against her cervix.

Then, slowly lifting her upward, until just the head of my cock remains inside Veronica’s sex, I momentarily pause to allow her a few desperate breaths, before pulling her downward to once again to sheath the full length of my cock deep inside her as the noose inevitably snaps taut around her throat.

Over the next thirty minutes or so, I continue to brutally fuck Veronica senseless, knowing that every time I impale her upon my cock, the noose around her neck grows steadily tighter, her body convulsing wildly as she reaches orgasm after orgasm before finally dying in my arms.

A few minutes later, I finally reached orgasm myself, climaxing deep within her warm, lifeless corpse. Of course, normally I prefer to climax before my victims die so that I can enjoy a nice glass of wine as I watch their final fleeting moments of life slipping away. In Veronica’s case, however, she’d already told me all about her necrophilia fantasies. She’d always found the idea of being used sexually after she died, to be an incredibly enticing fantasy. So I thought, why not give her the chance to live out her darkest erotic fantasy? Perhaps, Veronica never realized that we both shared that fantasy, although, from a slightly different perspective...