Securing Samantha’s wrists in the restraints, Manuel mentioned, “Sam. I know this was to be a straight bondage video shoot with just a hint of torture porn, but last week I was cleaning out some old boxes from the warehouse when I came across something interesting. In one of the boxes, I found some props from the original 1970s Battlestar Galactica television series, an actual Cylon helmet, and a sword. I’m thinking of wearing the helmet during the video to give it more of a sci-fi theme. What do you think?”

“I think it would be fun. I’ve always been a fan of the original Galactica series.”

“OK. One evil Cylon helmet, as soon as I finish gagging you and switch on the cameras.”

Gagged, I looked on in interest as Manuel switched on the cameras and removed the Cylon helmet from that old prop box.

“I wonder if this was a prototype. It’s surprisingly heavy and doesn’t have that shiny chrome finish like the helmets the Cylons wore in the series.”

Peering inside the helmet, “I don’t see anywhere for a battery to light up the helmet’s signature red glowing scanner.”

Raising it over his head, “Well, I might as well at least try...”

The moment Manuel’s head disappeared into that Cylon helmet, his body stiffened as his voice died mid-sentence. For a brief moment, he stood there motionless, then as quickly as it had occurred, the stiffness left his body as he lowered his arms back to his sides.

Almost a minute passed before Manuel finally spoke, his voice sounding almost mechanical and devoid of emotion, “Reboot complete, reloading primary directives from backup storage.”

He paused for several seconds, “Primary directives restored.” Then, reaching down, he picked up the Cylon Centurian’s short sword, a sword that looked horrifyingly real.

The helmet’s signature scanner glowed bright red as he turned and walked back toward me, ominously carrying that impossibly sharp-looking sword, “First primary directive, the extermination of all humans without mercy.”

As I helplessly watched him approach, I had a bad feeling that what was supposed to be a bondage video shoot with just a hint of torture porn was about to become an actual snuff film, with me playing the part of its doomed damsel in distress...