Jeff came home from his business trip late on Saturday night, only to find several days of unopened mail on the foyer floor beneath the mail slot. Among the bills and junk mail there was an unexpected letter from his wife Liz. Opening the letter, he found two brief hand written notes from his wife and two thumb drives.

“Jeff, I had these two thumb drives sent to you. The larger 8 gig drive shows what actually happened to me, while the second 4 gig drive should provide you with a solid and much-needed alibi to show to the police, please watch the 8 gig drive first. And you’ll understand why you’ll need to burn this note and hide that 8 gig drive before you call the police. Love Liz”

The second note merely said, “Play Me!”

A bit worried, Jeff retrieved his notebook from his briefcase. Plugging the larger 8 gig drive in, he discovered a video file ominously labeled “Watch Me Die." Now growing seriously worried he clicked on the file, activating the video...

“Welcome home Jeff, I hope your business trip went well. I know this is probably the last thing you expected to find when you came home, but I finally decided to fulfill my darkest fantasy even knowing that you were unwilling to help.”

“How many nights have you come home from work to find me standing just like this, downstairs in the basement, wearing nothing but stockings and high heels with my wrists already chained to the ceiling?”

“Smiling evilly, you’d always walk over to the hoist, turning the crank until I’m hanging with the toes of my high heels barely able to brush the basement floor, then pausing to kiss me you’d force that ball gag deep into my mouth.”

“I always felt my heart beat quicken as I watched you picking up the razor-sharp ten-inch chef’s knife that I’ve conveniently left on the table next to me. The ominous way your hand tightened around my throat, as I helplessly watched the smile fading from your face as you pressed the cold sharp tip of that knife’s blade against my belly just below my sternum.”

“Every night, I stare into your eyes, wondering if you’re going to do it, is tonight the night you’re going to finally stab that blade deep into my guts, twisting it a few times to make me suffer before pulling it downward through my guts to disembowel me.”

“The feel of that blade pressing against my skin has never failed to arouse me. Then, a few heartbeats later you toss the knife back onto the table and undoing your pants take me ruthlessly. I always seem to climax multiple times before I feel you reach orgasm deep inside me.”

“I’ve always felt a delightful sensation of fear gripping my heart as I helplessly watched you smearing lubricant on you Viagra enhanced erection before stepping behind me and grasping my hips, pulling me roughly back as you press the bulging head of your massive erection firmly into my anus. A sudden stifled scream of pure agony that somehow manages to escape around the ball gag filling my mouth as in a single brutal thrust you bury yourself balls deep in the straining depths of my tight little ass.”

“As the evening progressed you’d take me multiple times, both vaginally and anally, before your erection finally subsides. Sadly relenting, you’d pick up a towel and removing the ball gag from my mouth, use it to thoughtfully wipe the considerable saliva that always seems to escape around the gag to coat my breasts and belly. Then releasing my wrists from their restraints, you’d handcuff my wrists behind my back and tenderly carry me upstairs to our bedroom.”

Pausing, Liz’s smile briefly turned sad, “Well Jeff, I've ensured tonight’s not going to end in quite the same way. The man, the one standing behind me in that ominous looking metal mask and holding that knife, is going to ensure that it doesn’t. He’s known as ‘the Ghost,’ one of the world’s most prolific serial killers and producer of hundreds of horrific snuff films.”

“Oh and Jeff, you’ll discover that over the past few days that I emptied all our back accounts, breaking the cash up into smaller amounts and using multiple shell companies, transferred our entire savings, except for the hundred thousand, I paid ‘the Ghost’ for his services, to a numbered account in the Carmen Islands. I opened the account using a fake ID and written on the underside of the thumb drive you’re watching is the bank’s name and the account number. Later, when you watch the other video, you’ll understand the reason why I moved all our money, just promise me you’ll be careful spending it.”

“Well Jeff, while I’ve always loved you, it’s finally the moment for me to experience my darkest fantasy.”

Pausing she grinned, “So love, are you ready to watch me die?”

Frozen in place by the horror he was witnessing, Jeff watched helplessly as the Ghost moved toward Liz. Stopping directly in front of his wife, he watched him tightly grasp Liz’s throat as he positioned the tip of the blade against her belly, the look of fear and eager anticipation in her eyes. Suddenly, Liz’s eyes opened wide, a sharp gasp of pain escaped her mouth, as the Ghost thrust the knife deep into her guts. Her faint whimpers of agony bringing tears to his eyes as the Ghost slowly twisted that blade within his wife’s guts before suddenly pulling that blade brutally downward. The descending razor-sharp blade mutilating Liz’s insides as it effortlessly disemboweled her in a horrific explosion of blood and gore. About thirty seconds later Liz’s head slump forward as she lost consciousness and died, even as her entrails slowly continued to slip out of her obscenely ruined belly.

The horrifying video continued for a few more minutes, until the steady trickle of entrails and blood slowed to a stop, the image gradually fading to black. Jeff was about close the video when a block of text appeared on the screen.

“Jeff, I know it was hard watching your wife’s obscenely gruesome death, but try to understand that it was what she so desperately longed to endure. I will dispose of her remains and erase all evidence of what you’ve just watched ever happened. The Ghost”

Removing the thumb drive, Jeff went over to kitchen cabinet were they kept the liquor and poured himself a glass of bourbon before loading the second thumb drive...

“Jeff, I’m sorry but this isn’t working for me anymore, so I’m leaving you. By the time you return from your business trip, I’ll be long gone. I’m assuming a new name and identity somewhere far away. You can keep the house and both cars. You’ll find mine parked at the airport. However, you will find that I’ve emptied all of our bank accounts and maxed out all our credit cards with cash advances before I left. Still, I want you to know that I’ll always love you, good-bye.”

Jeff sat back amazed on how cleverly Liz had given him an alibi. Dozens of people met him at the sales conference. Hell. He even flew home on the same flight with some of them. Taking Liz’s first note and the envelope out to the garden, he burned them and scattered the ashes into the soil. Returning to the house, he placed the “Play Me!” note on the kitchen counter and set the second thumb drive upon it.

He was about to hide the flash drive that contained the video of Liz’s gruesome demise when he suddenly decided to play it one more time, the scene of his wife being brutally disemboweled was simply to incredibly hot not to watch again. He’d get around to calling the police later...