Seeing the startled expression on his face Lisa couldn’t help but smile, “Good evening Greg or would you prefer I call you Dr. Death? And you can relax Greg, your secret is safe, no one else knows about the city’s chief medical examiner’s diabolically interesting extracurricular activities.”

Seeing the confusion in Greg’s eyes, “And I just love your Dr. Death pay-pre-view torture snuff website. The way all your victims are naked and tied spread-eagle on this table. I especially love the way they all remain conscious and fully aware of what’s happening to them even as you proceed to methodically eviscerate them, although it must take a powerful cocktail of stimulants to keep them from going into shock as you work. Oh, and although it’s not visible in the videos, that mirrored ceiling is a truly sadistic touch, letting your victims watch helplessly as you spend a few torturously delightful hours dissecting them alive. And judging by the intensity of those muffled screams that still manage to escape passed that oversized ball gag I’m just going to assume you’re not bothering with anesthesia.”

Pausing to pick up her wine glass, Lisa continued, “So, Dr. Death, I was thinking that we should take a moment to share a glass or two of this excellent Merlot before you switch on the cameras and we move on to tonight’s main event.”

Seeing the sudden look of dark anticipation in Greg’s eyes Lisa struggled not to giggle, “After all, we both know it’s not like I’m going to be around for another glass after you’ve finished...”