“Good evening, I’m Kate your favorite ‘Damsel in Distress’, and welcome back to the latest installment of the web’s most infamous torture porn website, Vintage Lingerie Peril. Tonight we’ve journeyed to exotic Rio de Janeiro, the stalking grounds of Brazil’s notorious serial killer, the brutal Butcher of Rio.”

“Implicated in the savage murders of over twenty-two hundred women, the mysterious Butcher of Rio left a trail of bodies stretching from the early 1960s until his sudden and unexplained disappearance in the late 1980s, his victims dying on the razor-sharp blade of his machete, their brutally mutilated corpses discovered, often in a pool of their own entrails, dumped on the city streets. The local authorities, even with help from the FBI forensic lab, still have no leads as to his identity.”

“However, while the forensic investigations failed to identify the Butcher of Rio, they reveal many of the gruesome details of his victim’s obscenely brutal deaths. Bruises around their wrists suggest that they died hanging from tight-fitting steel wrist manacles. In all cases, the autopsies also revealed the killer used a machete, its blade entering beneath his victim’s sternum, passing through her liver and right kidney and exiting just below the back of her ribcage. There was also considerable tissue damage to the victim’s liver and right kidney indicating that the killer paused after running them through to savagely twist the blade back and forth in her guts, before brutally pulling the blade downward through his victim’s abdomen. The razor-sharp blade mutilating his victim’s guts as it opened her belly from the underside of her ribcage all the way down to her pelvis.”

Glancing nervously at that razor-sharp machete, Kate turned away, “Well, it seems that my host is ready to start what promises to be this evening’s unspeakably unpleasant main event. And while my host assured me that my death while agonizing would be fairly quick, I also know that he intends to spend a few minutes painfully twisting the machete’s blade in my guts before disemboweling me. After that, I should have a few minutes to watch my machete mutilated gut's spilling to the floor before I finally bleed out and die.”

A sad smile appeared on Kate’s face as she concluded, “Who knows, if the ratings don’t improve after this episode, come morning someone may even find my mutilated corpse lying on the side of the street, face down in a pool of my own entrails...”