“Good evening, I’m your host Katie, and welcome back to the second season of the web’s most infamous torture porn webcast, Vintage Lingerie Peril. Tonight we make a gruesome visit to the office one on America’s most diabolical serial killers, a sadistic fiend believed to be responsible for the murders of well over a thousand woman back in the 1950’s and early 60’s, the brutal butcher of Bakersfield, the infamous Doctor.”

“A skilled surgeon, hideously disfigured during the war, the Doctor actually enjoyed eviscerating his victim’s alive, cutting them open and carefully removing their internal organs, while keeping them alive until the gruesome bloody end. It’s believed that for most of the Doctor’s unfortunate victims the last thing they saw was the Doctor holding their still beating heart in his blood soaked hands. And, of course, the Doctor always did his fiendishly diabolical work without the bothersome need for anesthesia.”

Pausing to smile darkly as she sensed that the Doctor was silently standing behind her, “I guess this gives a whole new, and far more painfully torturous, meaning to that old saying, ‘the Doctor will see you now’.”