Most would say that as a serial killer I can’t truly have a conscience but they’d be wrong to think that, well mostly, sometimes. Take for instance Sarah here and her partner Colleen, for the past 5 years they’ve run a law firm that in the name of saving species no one have ever heard of have bankrupted hundreds of businesses and thousands of farms in the San Joaquin Valley area of California. Funded by money laundered through dozens of “environmental” organizations they’ve destroyed countless lives just to “save” a few fish no one has ever seen in the area.

I’d been carefully watching Sarah and her partner Colleen for over two weeks before I finally abducted them. It’s already been a long night and I only just finished putting the last pieces of Colleen into the acid vat. Colleen, surprisingly for an environmental lawyer actually had spirit, although at the end she still whimpered like a shameless little slut as I cut her throat.

Anyway, I’ve just started with Sarah and I’m already impressed, this hot looking babe may actually go the distance. I could see the terror in Sarah eyes as I slowly screwed that dildo deep into her throat. She was terrified but didn’t gag even though the dildo’s tip pushed halfway down her throat. It’s just too bad that I’m going to have to butcher her, a woman with those kinds of oral skills without having the chance to try them out personally.

Although, now that I think about, it’ll be interesting to see how deep Sarah can take that dildo, especially once I’ve disemboweled her. Sometimes, its good to be a serial killer...