An up-and-coming porn actress who’d already starred in several torture porn productions, Danielle felt something wasn’t quite right from the moment she walked out onto the set. Still. They'd paid her, eighteen hundred in cash, for only a few hours of work, so she decided to ignore her feelings of unease. One of the oddest things she noticed, as the producer locked the restraints around her wrists, was the quality of the cameras and lights. Usually, these kinds productions had minimal budgets, which meant cheap cameras and lighting equipment, but not this production. They seemed to be using unusually high end, state of the art, equipment.

Trying to keep her voice calm, “With all this high-end equipment, this shoot seems unusually well-funded, especially for a torture porn production.”

The producer smiled as he finished locking the final restraint around Danielle’s wrist, “Well, with these kinds of productions. I've found it usually works best to shoot the entire scene in a single take.”

A questioning look on her face as Danielle tugged briefly on her restraints, “A singe take? And by the way, I still haven’t seen a script or even the plot synapses for this production. I hope this isn’t going to be one of those ‘simulated’ snuff films? You know I’m not really comfortable doing those kinds of films.”

Pausing to put on his signature metal mask, he picked up his knife and pressed the camera activation switch on the remote, “A ’simulated’ snuff film, of course not. In my line of work I never ‘simulate’ anything.”

With a look of growing fear on her face, Danielle asked, “What do you mean, you never ‘simulate’ anything? Are you saying that we’re actually making a real snuff film, and I’ve been cast as the victim?”

Smiling darkly behind his mask, the serial killer infamously known to his fans as the Ghost looked into Danielle’s eyes, “Sadly, few are up for the moment. You can choose to spend your final scene pitifully crying and begging for mercy. On the other hand, you can choose to make this your greatest performance and end your life with a modicum of grace and poise. It’s your choice Danielle.”

Starring into her killer’s cold lifeless eyes, Danielle felt an icy tightness of stark terror squeezing her pounding heart as she finally accepted, that regardless of how all this played out, she was fated to die in the end. Then, as an unexpected sensation of inner serenity pushed back the terror threatening to overwhelm her mind, Danielle paused, taking a deep, somewhat calming breath before asking, “Assuming that I’m ‘up for the moment’ and choose to make this my greatest performance, what exactly do you intend to do to me?”

Ghost smiled as he sensed Danielle’s surprising inner calmness, “While I usually like to vary the aspects of what’s going to happen to heighten my demanding audience’s suspense. However, your truly unpleasant demise is a special request from one of the longtime members of my audience. And while it doesn’t rise to my usual level of mutilation, I can assure you that your death will be agonizingly painful as well as a delightfully obscene experience.”

Struggling to take her eyes away from the brutally sharp-looking machete in Ghost’s hand, Danielle looked straight into his eyes and stated in a tone of cynical contempt that surprised her almost as much as it surprised her killer, “So mask boy, are you planning to talk me to death or do me with that machete?”

Momentarily startled by Danielle’s familiar sounding choice of words, and the unflinching look of defiance in her eyes, Ghost simply answered her question by stabbing the sharp steel blade of his machete deep into Danielle’s guts.

Danielle cried out in pain as she felt the cold razor-sharp blade effortlessly sliding through her as the Ghost brutally ran her through before he slowly started to twist the blade within her guts.

Listening to the sounds Danielle was uttering with each savage twist of that cold steel blade within her belly, Ghost marveled at that fine, barely perceptible line that separates pleasure and pain. In another setting the delightful sounds escaping Danielle’s sensuous lips could easily be that of a woman lost in a moment of passionate pleasure instead of the sounds of a woman enduring a level of agonizing pain beyond anything she’d ever imagined.

Delightfully amused by the sound of Danielle’s desperate cries, the Ghost lingered, continuing to slowly twist the blade of his machete within her guts, each subtle twist of the blade exacting fresh cries of pain filled anguish from her lovely lips.

Finally noticing that Danielle was starting to go into shock, the Ghost regrettably paused to tighten his grip on the machete’s handle before brutally pulling its razor-sharp blade downward through her guts, effortlessly disemboweling Danielle in a single vicious slice of his blade.

Her disembowelment complete, Danielle’s knees buckled, and she sank to hang helplessly from manacled wrists as her ruined belly erupted in a sickening explosion of blood and gore. While on the floor beneath her, a pool of mutilated entrails slowly spread as she bled out...

...It wasn’t until hours later, after he’d harvested Danielle’s breast implants for his growing collection and finished dumping her mutilated remains in the acid talk, that he discovered the horrific truth. It turns out that one of Danielle’s past lovers was also one of his most memorable previous victims, that Goth bartender Molly. Chuckling as he recalled the intimate details of that delightful torturous evening, he wondered if Danielle had also shared Molly’s fondness for deep anal insertions. Sadly, if he’d only know, he’d have used his cattle prod to ensure that Danielle’s evening started off the same electrifying way as her long departed lover’s...