The infamous S&M brothel located near Budapest, the one that inspired all those Hostal movies, periodically offers a unique attraction for its special, more brutally sadistic clients, an experience known as the ultimate orgasm.

This evening, Mister D paid one hundred thousand Euros for Ivette, a beautiful and recently abducted 23-year-old French tourist, to provide him with that ultimate orgasm. Taken to a specially equipped killing room, she’s secured and helplessly awaits his attention.

After taking the brothel’s custom male enhancement drug, the one that guarantees you’ll maintain your erection for at least four hours, Mister D waited until it took effect before heading to the killing room and the waiting Ivette.

I looked up as he entered the chamber, the slacks of his Armani suit straining to confine his massive, intimidating erection. Instinctively, I knew he fully intended to fuck me to within an inch of my life before dropping that guillotine’s deadly razor-sharp blade to brutally decapitate me and that I was utterly at his mercy, not that I expected him to show any.

Helplessly bound, with a ballgag filling my mouth and my neck secured beneath the guillotine’s blade, I watched as he undressed, his massive erect cock more terrifying than I’d first thought. Pausing to rub a small amount of lubricant onto that intimidating shaft, he stepped up onto the platform between my widely stretched legs. The bulging tip of his cock pressed firmly against the entrance of my sex as his hands tightened to grip my hips. Then, with a single powerful thrust, he buried his cock within the straining depths of my sex as a gag-muffled scream of agony escaped my mouth.

The pain was incredible. His cock filled me, its massive bulging head pressing painfully into my cervix. While at the same time, the intimidating girth of his rock-hard shaft threatened to rip the hideously stretched walls of my vagina apart with each powerful thrust.

Momentarily pausing, I heard him comment, “I’ve always looked forward to a woman’s screams when I first take her, but not to worry, in a few minutes, your body will betray you, and to your horror, you’ll start to enjoy this.”

I found his words revolting. With each thrust of his cock, the fresh waves of pain were overwhelming. That bastard had used just enough lubricant to ensure his pleasure while hurting me enough to make me cry out with each powerful thrust. And yet, as repulsive as it was, as he continued to rape me, I found myself growing sexually aroused. Then, the disgusting sound of his cruel laughter that followed when I had that first unthinkable orgasm. As much as it hurt, this vicious monster made me enjoy it.

It seemed like he’d raped me for hours, the exquisite mix of pain and pleasure only growing worse. I’d quickly lost count of the number of orgasms I’d had, and yet he was unrelenting, his sexual stamina almost inhuman as he kept brutally pounding away. It was in that timeless moment, as I felt my next forced orgasm approaching, that the thrusts of his cock became more demanding as he finally neared orgasm. Lost in my fast-approaching orgasm, I failed to notice him reaching for the guillotine’s release.

Waiting until his long-awaited orgasm was about to peak, Ivette’s killer released the guillotine’s blade, brutally decapitating her just as he climaxed. The powerful, almost unimaginable convulsions of her dying body milked his cock with an iron-like grip as his cum quickly overfilled her vagina and uterus.

For him, it was indeed the ultimate orgasm. And, although no one at that gruesome house of death really cared, for Ivette, it was her last...