Coming home on the evening of their fifth wedding anniversary Nicole found that her husband Tom had thoughtfully left her a dozen red roses and two wrapped presents lying on their bed. Opening the smaller of the two presents, she discovered a beautiful pair of gold and pearl earrings. The second larger box contained her favorite gift, expensive lingerie, a black silk and satin strapless merry widow, matching silk stockings, a black sheer wrap and a pair of high heels, black six-inch stiletto heel pumps. Glancing over at the clock, Nicole realized if she hurried, she had just enough time for a quick shower, her makeup and get dressed before Tom arrived home from the office.

I came home to find Nicole standing in the living room basking in the warmth of the fireplace. Her revealing lingerie clad silhouette lit by the fire’s flames with a bottle of wine and the two glasses resting upon the room's nearby candle lit end table. Taking her in my arms, I kissed Nicole’s red welcoming lips deep and hard as I slipped that sheer black wrap off her bare shoulders allowing it to pool behind her tall six-inch heels.

Our kiss lasted for what seemed hours or perhaps just a few moments, the flames of carnal lust in Nicole’s eyes as her head leaned into the caress of my hand against her cheek. In that timeless moment I leaned in and lightly kissing her lips asked, “Wine?”

Staring deeply into my eyes Nicole replied, “Yes, please.”

Pausing to kiss her again, I reluctantly broke our embrace and turned to fill the wine glasses. Turning back, Nicole had moved to the leather couch before the fireplace, a place we’d had incredible sex more times than I could count. Seductive as always, Nicole slowly parted her thighs, watching my eyes slide downward as she shamelessly revealed the moist shaven folds of her fire lit sex to my sight.

Setting the two wine glasses down on the end table, I sat and pulled Nicole into my arms. Within moments she’d shifted onto my lap, her stocking clad legs straddling my hips, as she reached down to undo my pants, and grasping my already painfully erect cock slowly settled back, a sharp gasp escaping her ruby-red lips, as she sheathed the full length of my cock deep within the warm inviting depths of her sex.

An hour or so later, our sexual desires sated, for the moment, we sat on the couch, her head on my shoulder. Her merry widow enhanced cleavage pressing against the side of my chest, with one of her stocking clad thighs lying across my legs. Reaching over I retrieved the two wine glasses, and handing one to Nicole, I raised my glass, “To the delightful start of what promises to be a truly memorable night.”

Smiling Nicole raised her glass to mine, “Yes, to a truly memorable night.”

Two minutes later, I carefully eased the empty glass out of my unconscious wife’s hand, the drug I’d added to her glass having had its desired effect. Laying her head back against the couch, I knew it would be about an hour or so before the drug’s effects wore off, more than enough time to ensure, that Nicole’s night would truly be a memorable one...

Nicole awoke as the drug’s effects gradually wore off to find herself in complete darkness, discovering quickly that she was standing with her wrists bound behind her and her body tightly strapped back against a smooth metal surface that seemed to curve around the sides of her body. Realizing the only thing she could move was her head, she called out, “Tom, we both know how much I enjoy tight inescapable bondage but sometimes access is everything and with my legs bound together this tightly you’re will never be able to do me.”

Smiling in the darkness, Nicole’s husband pressed the remote to slowly bring up the dungeon’s lights, “I think, that when you discover the true nature of your restraints, you’ll more than agree I can do you, just not in the way you expect.”

As the lights came up, Nicole stared in horror at the instruments of medieval torture arrayed before her disbelieving eyes. A chain hoist with an iron suspension bar and on the wall beyond hung dozens of brutal looking whips and floggers horrifyingly displayed. Across from the whips, an authentic-looking Inquisition rack stood poised to exact long torturous hours of agonizing torment. However, what truly terrified her the most, the nature of the smooth metal surface she was helplessly strapped against, the rear half of a diabolically gruesome Iron Maiden.

Staring in horror at all the spikes lining the Iron Maiden’s open door, especially the two spikes aligned with her eyes, “Tom, you can’t be serious. You’re going to use this ancient medieval Iron Maiden to murder me?”

“Actually Nicole, you’re standing within a modern and far more diabolically torturous instruments of death, one constructed slightly less than two and half years ago to bring my half-sister’s darkest erotic fantasy to life. You see Samantha didn’t die in that boating accident. She died exactly where you’re standing, willingly suffering in unrelenting agony as she died for my amusement.”

“Please Tom, if you go through with this, you’ll be the police’s prime suspect. Besides, what have I ever done to deserve this?”

Smiling beneath his crimson executioner’s hood, Tom casually placed his hand upon the Iron Maiden’s open door, “Funny you should ask. Did you know that the first Iron Maiden, the Virgin of Nuremberg, was constructed primarily to punish women found guilty of adultery?”

Shocked, Nicole responded, “Adultery! You think I’ve been cheating on you?”

Pausing to stare into his wife’s eyes, Tom’s voice went cold, “Cheating? After our accountant noticed some odd cash withdrawal patterns over a year ago, I had a private investigator following your every move when I’m out of town on business.”

Desperate, “Tom, please it’s not what you think!”

“Seriously Nicole, you’ve had five affairs in less than a year! And, by the way, the PI gave me all the photos. It seems you have a thing about car sex in dark parking lots, and the PI had a night-vision scope attached to his camera. If I was a forgiving kind of husband, we might sit down and watch the videos and laugh about them, but I’m not!”

Frantic, “Tom, you’ll never get away with this, the police will learn the truth and you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison!”

Smiling darkly, “Actually Nicole, I’ve already gotten away with it. Your most-recent lover, his car filled with vast amounts of both your DNA, will be discovered in due time at the parking garage of one of London’s busiest train stations. Also, it seems you used your credit card to purchase two first-class Euro-rail passes online a few hours earlier.”

Desperate, “You’ll never get Marcus to go along with this!”

Laughing, Tom replied, “Go along with this? Right now, Marcus’s corpse is slowly dissolving in a tank of acid in the next room. As for Marcus’s wife, I’ve already arranged for her to receive several intimate photos of your last two or three tryst’s with her husband and a copy of the rail-pass receipt for her lawyer.”

Reaching up, Tom slowly started to close the Iron Maiden, while Nicole starred in helpless terror at those two approaching eye spikes. Nicole never realized that her husband, and his half-sister Samantha, had carried on an incestuous BDSM centric love affair for over ten years, an affair that had lasted almost three years into their marriage.

Once again, wearing the uniform of the Crimson Executioner for the first time since Samantha’s death, Tom smiled at the delightful sound of his wife’s high-pitched screams of agony once the Iron Maiden’s door closed. Over the coming days, he’d marvel at the moans and cries that would escape Nicole’s lips, utterances strikingly similar to those she’d made during sex.

For women, it’s such a fine line between agony and ecstasy, pleasure and pain, something that countless women would horribly come to discover now that the Crimson Executioner has finally returned...