Local legends say an evil, malevolent ghost haunts this aptly named Tower of Shadows. The legends say it’s the ghost of the Baron who once ruled these lands, poisoned by his unfaithful wife and her lover, his body buried in secret somewhere within the catacombs beneath this ancient tower. The legends also say that his adultress wife and her lover mysteriously vanished on the night of the first anniversary of the Baron’s murder.

Some legends even say that since the disappearance of his adultress wife, any woman guilty of adultery or promiscuous behavior who’s foolish enough to spend the night in this tower has fallen victim to the Baron’s vengeful ghost, never to be seen again.

“After graduating from college, my roommate and I were touring ancient Eastern Europe castles when we heard the legend of the Tower of Shadows at a local tavern. Laughing, I said, “I don’t believe in malicious ghosts or haunted castles. The locals made these legends up to attract tourists.”

My college roommate Erica smiled evilly, “Courtney since you don’t believe in ghosts, I’ll make you a bet. Spend tonight alone in the tower, and if nothing happens, I’ll pay your bar tabs for the rest of our vacation.”

Smiling, I replied, “Alright, let’s make this bet more interesting. Throw in my dinner tab for the next week, and I’ll spend the night wearing nothing but my raciest lingerie. If the Baron’s ghost haunts that tower, that alone should be enough to attract his attention.”

Erica laughed, “Deal.”

Driving up to the tower on the hill overlooking the village, Erica mentioned, “I borrowed the tower’s gate key from the tavern keeper, so after you enter, I’m going to lock you in until morning.”

As we approached, the tower appeared far more darkly ominous than it had from down in the village. Maybe it was my imagination, but as Erica unlocked the gate, I could almost sense the evil lurking in the late afternoon shadows.

I felt or at least imagined a slight chill as I stepped through the gate and entered the tower’s grounds.

Erica paused to relock the gate, “Well, have a good night entertaining the Baron’s ghost. I’ll be back in the morning to release you.”

I waited until she’d driven away before heading for the tower’s entrance. Down at the tavern, I’d heard that last fall, there’d been an effort by a local company to renovate the site and turn it into a “haunted” Tower of Shadows for the summer tourist trade. All that fell through when one of the painters, a young woman, stayed after sunset to finish painting the guest room she was working on, but she’d vanished, leaving behind an open can of paint and a paint roller lying in its tray. After that, the developers lost their funding and went bankrupt, leaving the project unfinished. From what I understood, they’d finished renovating the tower’s first six floors, with only the top two remaining unfinished by the project’s cancelation.

Entering the tower’s great room, I thought I’d walked into a medieval 5-star hotel. The furniture style was straight out of the sixteen-century. Everywhere I looked, highly polished wood with leather upholstered cushions. Carrying my suitcase, I went up the great room’s magnificent staircase to check out the guest accommodations.

I opened the door to the first guestroom at the top of the stairs and paused in surprise. It was a three-room suite, the sitting room alone bigger than the entire apartment Erica and I had shared in college. All the furniture, even the king-size bed, is in keeping with the tower’s medieval theme. Setting my suitcase on the bed, I suddenly decided, rather than waiting until sunset, I’d change into my revealing lingerie before further exploring this ‘Tower of Shadows.’

Twenty minutes later, I emerged from my suite wearing my incredibly tight-fitting black satin corset, matching thong, shiny black tights, high heels, my makeup applied, and my long hair pinned up. I longed to head upstairs, curious to see the two unrestored floors of the tower. However, I was also interested to see if restocking the tower’s wine cellar had been part of the finished restorations. It turns out I didn’t need to locate the wine cellar. The bar they’d added to the tower’s dining room had an extensive selection.

Reaching the tower’s top floor, I paused to open the wine, poured a glass, then walked over to one of the tower’s original wrought iron decorated windows to watch the sunset. Then, just as the sun disappeared below those distant mountains, it happened, someone roughly grabbed me from behind, then darkness.

I slowly awoke to find myself locked within a wooden stock, bent uncomfortably over a waist-high wooden bar with my neck, wrists, waist, and ankles all tightly restrained. I felt a terrifying sensation of unimaginable fear as I realized where I was, trapped within a medieval, torch-lit dungeon filled with every imaginable ancient instrument of brutal torture and death.

At that horrifying moment, I suddenly noticed him standing there naked, silently watching me from across the room. A glowing white half-transparent specter, an actual ghost, and if the tower’s legends were true, had to be the Baron’s. Suddenly, I heard his voice in my mind.

“Good evening, Courtney. I’m disappointed that you don’t believe in ghosts. However, I think I can change your opinion over the coming hours. After my murder, Satan made me an offer. Instead of consigning my soul to the lakes of fire, he returned me to this tower, tasked to inflict an unspeakably torturous death on any woman guilty of adultery foolish enough to remain within this tower’s walls after sunset. And while you’re innocent of adultery, the devil also tasked me with punishing those guilty of promiscuous behavior.”

Walking steadily closer, he continued, “It only took a moment to peruse your memories and confirm your guilt. Honestly, Courtney, you don’t find it embarrassing that you slept with so many men and women during your first year in college you lost count?”

Stopping directly before Courtney, he continued, “Like all those guilty of adultery, I’ve consigned most women guilty of promiscuous behavior to the flaming depths of hell for all eternity. However, even now, I sense your mind is awash with carnal thoughts of lust. That’s why I choose to appear before you naked. Your growing sexual arousal betrays you, and yet that and your unparalleled beauty may be what saves you from spending eternity in hell’s lakes of fire.”

Pausing, he lifted my chin until I stared directly into his ghostly eyes, “Make no mistake, before this night is over, you will die. Not upon any of this dungeon’s instruments of unspeakable torture but impaled upon my cock, enduring hours of unrelenting orgasms until the overwhelming mix of ecstasy and agony merge to become one, and you experience the most powerful orgasm of your life, screaming in both pleasure and pain as you die. In that timeless moment, with your soul suspended between life and death, I will offer you a choice, spend eternity in the fires of hell or spend eternity as part of my harem of ghostly beauties...

In the morning, Erica returned to the Tower of Shadows, but Courtney was nowhere to be found. Erica also noticed that Courtney’s corset was missing from her suitcase. Having seen what her friend looked like in that corset, Erica wasn’t surprised that she’d attracted that ghost’s attention. That, and while, as far as Erica knew, Courtney never committed adultery, she certainly lived a promiscuous lifestyle...