The first thing Jenna noticed as we entered the chamber was the heat.

It felt like I was standing at the gateway to hell, ironically, at least in my case, it turned out likely to be. Lit by large flaming braziers that lined the chamber’s metal walls, even dressed in what little that I was wearing, the heat was almost unbearable.

The large metal doors silently swung closed behind us, the sharp click of their massive locking bolts sliding home, sealing my fate. As I watched in mounting terror, the floor at the center of the chamber, split apart and retracted away, slowly revealing the pit filled with its rows of ominous sharp-looking spikes.

With the chamber’s metal flooring already feeling uncomfortably warm through the soles of my high heels, I slowly crept forward toward the edge of the pit, until I could see all the way down to its floor. The sight, revealed in the flickering fire light, horrific, scattered across the bottom of the pit, with several still impaled on spikes, were the skeletal remains of at least a dozen women.

I was still staring in horror at all those skeletons littering the floor of the pit, when my master roughly pulled my wrists behind my back and bound them with a leather strap. A second strap quickly followed, binding my elbows tightly together. Too terrified to resist, I actually opened my mouth for the ball gag as he strapped it firmly behind my teeth, and then stood there helplessly as he knelt and proceeded to bind my ankles and my knees.


With Jenna’s ankles and knees tightly bound, I stood, pausing to run my hands up along the sides of her thighs, across the swelling of her hips and along the sides of her delightfully slender waist, before cupping her full firm breasts. I could feel her trembling in almost unimaginable fear as my fingertips lingered to toy with the silver rings that pierced her sensitive nipples, “Jenna, back six years ago, when you submitted to becoming my personal pleasure and pain slave. You never asked, but I saw it in your eyes, when I stated that your submission was for life, and while I made no secret of the others who came before you, you had to be wondering, if your submission was for life, what became of the others who proceeded you into sexual slavery.”

Pausing to slide my hands up onto Jenna’s shoulders, “Only now, in this place of unspeakable evil, the answer to the one question you never dared to ask, is finally revealed.”

Waiting for a moment for the meaning of what I’d just said to sink in, I roughly shoved Jenna into the pit, her sudden high-pitched scream of horror echoing off the chamber’s metal lined walls as she plunged downward toward the pit’s waiting razor-sharp spikes.

Impaled the moment her body landed upon those spikes, I reveled in her cries and moans of unrelenting agony as Jenna slowly slipped steadily deeper onto those deadly spikes. It was just over twenty minutes before she finally lost consciousness, so I closed the pit’s cover. All that remained was for Jenna to finish bleeding out, but where’s the sadistic amusement if she’s already unconscious?

It’s been almost three hundred years since I sacrificed my first slave to my dark lord Satan. In exchange for their agonizing sacrifice, he's granted me eternal life and virility. Who knows, after Jenna, another slave or two sacrifices and I’ll have to clean up the bones at the bottom of the pit once again...