Sometimes it’s just too easy. This isn’t the first time I’ve done a fan request, but this time, I should have known there was something wrong. The fan even picked the victim, Deborah and sent me a link to Deborah’s profile at an online fetish modelling site. A bondage model already into the lifestyle, tall with long blonde hair, firm full breasts and a figure most women would gladly kill for, Deborah was the perfect victim.

Hired under the pretext of a bondage video shoot, Deborah actually delivered herself to my door. Pausing the check the security monitors I could see she was alone, her cab already driving away as I buzzed her in.

Walking into my basement studio, Deborah looked around and smiled, “Nice place, who did your interior decoration, the Marquis de Sade or Hannibal Lecter?”

Smiling to myself, I handed Deborah an envelope containing, as requested, eight hundred in used twenties and watched silently as Deborah finished counting the cash and placed the envelope in her purse. Ten minutes later Deborah was struggling helplessly before me, blindfolded and gagged, her wrists securely locked in tight fitting steel manacles, her ankles chained just far enough apart to prevent the tall six-inch heels of her shoes from touching the basement floor.

With Deborah secured I put on my signature metal hockey mask and switched on the cameras before picking up the knife and Taser. As I stood there watching the utterly seductively sway of the slender chains dangling between Deborah’s nipple rings with every breath she took I thought about fucking her at least once before I killed her, but the cameras were already recording and besides the fan was paying for this video and the fan’s orders were clear. Damn, I hate it when the orders are clear.

Stuffing the Taser into my belt I knelt down to position the blood splattered five gallon bucket between Deborah’s legs, the sudden scent of her perfume, of jasmine and wood smoke mixed with the unmistakable scent of sexual arousal, almost overpowering, almost.

Standing, I removed the Taser from my belt and pressed it firmly against the base of Deborah’s spine forcing her body to arch painfully forward until the chains on her wrists and ankles grew taut, only then did I switch it on. Deborah’s body stiffened in agony as the Taser sent fifty thousand volts of pure unadulterated agony surged upward through her spinal cord and directly into her brain.

Holding the Taser firmly against Deborah’s back I positioned the knife just beneath her sternum and with a slow steady pressure pushed the blade into her until the tip of the blade pierced Deborah’s abdominal muscles. Normally this is the moment I’d push the blade deep into my victim’s body until the blade grated against the vertebrae of her spine before brutally pulling the razor sharp blade downward through her guts disemboweling her in a delightfully bloody explosion of gore and entrails, but not this time, this time I’d been requested to do something far more diabolically brutal.

Listening to Deborah screaming, I carefully used the tip of the blade to cut downward toward her crotch, slowly opening Deborah’s belly while only causing minor damage to her internal organs. Switching off the Taser I smiled as Deborah’s screaming suddenly became a few octaves higher as I pushed my fingers into her abdomen and pulled a long loop of her small intestines out of her trembling body. Setting aside the Taser and knife I wiped off my hands and opened a beer as I listened to Deborah crying out in horror as she felt gravity begin to cause the inevitable to happen.

It took almost half an hour before Deborah’s intestines finally finished sliding out her belly, and while still attached at one end to her stomach and at the other to her rectum, her intestines filled the bucket between her legs to overflowing.

It was obvious that Deborah was dying, her cries of pain gradually grew weaker and her breathing more labored. I could have simply let her expire on her own but one final requested obscenity still remained. Taking a sharpened iron spike from the table I grabbed a handful of Deborah’s hair and roughly pulled her head back as I stabbed the spike upward through the underside of her chin, piercing her tongue and pinning it against the roof of her mouth. As I watched the blood welling up around the ball gag filling Deborah’s mouth I picked up the hammer and used it to pound the sharp tip of the spike deep into Deborah’s brain.

Only later, after I’d dismembered her body and dumped it into the acid, did I discover the truth. Turns out that while Deborah may have been the victim, she was also the fan who’d made the request, damn, I’d known it was just too easy...