As one of our company's most valued executives you know that last year the government moved to limit what they considered to be excessive corporate executive compensation packages. But, thanks to our uniquely creative line of products and services here at Dolcett Industries, we've found new and excitingly innovative ways to circumvent these onerous government restrictions and continue to reward our most valued employees with the perks that only Dolcett Industries can provide.

And as our CEO, I'd like to introduce you to Karen. Using feedback from our most valued long term customers, the human resources management team selected Karen as this month's Dolcett World dungeon theme park employee of the month.

As you know, the Dolcett Industries recruitment team carefully interviews all the young ladies interested in working at our dungeon theme park. Not only must these young ladies meet our exceptionally high standards for beauty and poise but they must also be submissive and completely uninhibited masochistic pleasure and pain sluts.

Since joining our team almost three years ago Karen has time and again proven to be a valued asset within the parks most demanding hardcore dungeons. Possessing an incredibly high pain threshold and an utter willingness to endure even the most brutal attentions of our most sadistic customers, this young lady has dedicated herself to the fulfillment of our most valued customer's pleasures. And might I add, if not for the extensive on site medical facilities available at the Dolcett World theme park it's highly unlikely that even Karen could have survived this long.

All of which brings us back to the topic of executive compensation and the reason that we're here with Karen tonight. We like to reward both our employees and our highly valued executives and I've already taken the liberty of pouring you a glass of vintage Champaign, so take your time and enjoy the evening, especially enjoy Karen's enticing screams. There's really no need to hold back, she really does like it rough, and when you're finished don't worry about the mess. The cleanup crew will come to retrieve Karen's body first thing in the morning and remember, this Saturday is the monthly employee appreciation picnic, and this month, the main course is Karen burgers.