It was that one night of the year when horrifying things could happen, All Hallows Eve. Holloween, the night when even the dead could rise and walk among us.

Iíd heard that thereís a place, a long-abandoned mansion deep within the woods outside of town, haunted by the tormented spirit of a long-dead serial killer, one believed to have raped, then murdered, and dismembered dozens of women.

Not that I believed in all that superstition, seriously a long-dead serial killer, coming back to life on Holloween night and preying on the living. Still, all those darkly whispered legends did seem so hot, I couldnít resist checking out the mansion for myself.

I arrived just after sunset on Halloween night. It didnít look like anyone had visited the place in years. The broken front gate hung open, the yard and walkway overgrown with weeds and brush. Pausing at the bottom of the front steps, I pulled the flashlight out of my coat pocket. Then starting up the granite steps, I gingerly crossed the rotting boards of the covered porch to the front door, all the while regretting my choice in footwear. High heels, while devastatingly sexy, were turning out to be a poor choice for my little adventure.

Despite the already cool night air, I felt a sudden chill as I crossed the mansionís threshold as I entered. Pulling my coat tighter against the cold, the beam of my flashlight revealed a floor covered in broken pieces of plaster and window glass. It was in that timeless moment that I noticed what looked like the flicker of reflected firelight coming from an open doorway further down the hall.

Curiously compelled, I walked down the hallway toward the firelight, pausing in shock as I reached that doorway. The sudden pungent scent of paraffin. The terrifying sight of all those piles of bones strewn around the room. But, most of all, that flaming iron brazier filled with burning paraffin-soaked bones. Bones, ones that I instinctively knew were human.

The sight before me was straight out of the most gruesome, horrifying nightmare imaginable. One, as it turns out, that I was intimately familiar with, itís the same darkly erotic nightmare that Iíve had every night for the past month.

Dropping the flashlight, I unbuttoned my coat and, despite the cold, slipped it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind me. Then, I stepped into the warm, fire-lit room, dressed the same way as in my nightmares, just a revealing black lace bodysuit and matching high heels.

A moment later, I suddenly noticed that I was in chains. I realized to my horror that while Iíd been staring into the fire, something had compelled me to secure my wrists, locking them within these tight-fitting steel manacles.

I felt trapped within that horrifically erotic nightmare. I knew that terrifying zombie was out there in the darkness, silently watching me. That its glowing red eyes will be the first thing, Iíll see as he approaches. His body is massive but mutilated, endowed with an inhumanly large intimidating cock. The smell of blood and death on his pale grey skin overwhelms my senses as he comes closer, the flickering firelight reflecting off the steel of that ancient rusted sword heís ominously carrying in his hand.

I knew, from my nightmares, what was going to happen, that he was going to brutally use me to satisfy all his sick, perverted zombie sexual desires. Heíll take me repeatedly over the coming hours, pumping massive amounts of ice-cold zombie cum into the straining depths of my vagina and rectum as he brutally ravages my body.

Then just before midnight, heíll pause, pulling his massive cock roughly out of the depths of my ass. Moments later, heíll sadistically run me through with that sword, cruelly twisting its blade deep within my belly to painfully heighten my suffering as I scream in agony. Finally, heíll pull that blade out of my guts, and tossing it aside, resume to painfully sodomize my ass as I slowly bleed to death.

The nightmare always ends the same way. I die in agony with his massive cock buried balls deep in my ass, knowing heís going to spend the rest of the night ravaging my lifeless body for his sexual amusement.

Seriously, a zombie, bondage, pleasure, pain, death, and necrophilia. This nightmare has the makings of every submissive masochistís ultimate Holloween sex fantasy...