As a professional serial killer and successful snuff film producer, it doesnít matter how often you change your identity or relocate, the groupies always seem to find you. Jamie contacted me a few days ago with an intriguing and surprisingly unique request. She'd read that with a properly tied hangmanís noose, a woman will usually survive for at least twenty minutes before she loses consciousness. Tonight, Jamieís requested that I hang her by her neck for ten minutes before brutally disemboweling her in my signature explosion of blood and gore. Besides, who wouldnít grant a beautiful woman, one dressed in a revealing black evening gown, her final request.

It just seemed appropriate to use black leather straps to secure Jamieís wrists and ankles, before carefully positioning the nooseís knot in front of her left ear. Briefly pausing, I glance up at the clock to check the time, then activated the overhead hoist.

I could see the look of fearful anticipation in Jamieís eyes as the noose started to tighten around her throat, the steady growing pressure gradually lifting the tall heels of her shoes higher, until her toes finally left the floor. Waiting until the desperately stretching toes of her shoes, were about six inches off the floor, I released the activation button on the hoistís wall mounted control box, halting her ascent.

As I watched Jamie struggling against the inevitable, I silently smiled behind my distinctive face concealing mask. Iíd already decided to ignore the clock and watch her struggle until she was close to the end before finally gutting her.

As the torturous minuteís past, the noose had steadily grown tighter around Jamieís throat, until twenty-two minutes later, it was obvious that she was starting to have trouble breathing, and frankly, so was I. Iíd read about the eroticism of the gallows, but since Jamie was the first of my victims to hang, only now did I truly understand its intensity.

The fine coating of perspiration made Jamieís sexy body glisten in the camera lights. The intensity of her desperate struggles had quickly caused the upper part of her dress to slip down to the swelling of her hips, revealing her magnificent implant enhanced breasts, which swayed and bounced seductively as she struggled.

Knowing, the moment had finally arrived, I checked my mask before stepping back into the view of the cameras, and firmly tugged the material of Jamieís dress down over her hips, allowing it to slip down her legs and pool on the floor beneath her still desperately stretching toes.

Then, pausing just long enough to kick her dress out of the way, I stabbed the blade of the knife deep into her upper belly, and ignoring her noose muffled cries of agony, smoothly drew itís razor-sharp blade downward through her guts, as the blade effortlessly opened her abdomen.

Pulling the knife from Jamieís dying body, I stepped aside giving several of the cameras an unimpeded view, as blood and chunks of her knife mutilated entrails began splashing to the floor. I could see that delightful look of pain and horror in her eyes as she felt her gutís spilling out of her ruined belly, a look of horror, that a moment later only doubled as she felt me cutting off her breasts, to harvest her D-cup implants for my collection.

Stepping back out of the camera view, I set her still warm implants on the table and picking up her discarded dress, used it to wipe most of the blood off my knife and hands as I patiently waited for Jamie to finish bleeding out.

After Jamie finishes dying, Iíll shut off the cameras, then cutting her down, dismember her body for disposal. Tonight, Iím going to start by cutting off her head, so that I can use her lovely still warm mouth to ease my painfully throbbing erection. After Iíve finished using her mouth, her head, along with the rest of her remains, will disappear into that large tank of acid I keep in the back room.

After tonight, for the authorities, Jamieís disappearance will be just another beautiful woman whoís mysteriously vanished. As for the lady in black, only my discriminatingly sadistic audience will ever know the truth...