It was her moment of truth. Deep down Alex couldn't believe that she’d let someone do this to her, he’d promised so much, he’d promised to bring her ultimate erotic hanging fantasy to life and she’d foolishly believed him.

At the time of his request, she’d thought his demand that she wear skintight latex and this breathtakingly tight corset almost impossibly erotic, but now standing on the gallows Alex realized it was merely to heighten the arousal of her hangman’s already darkly sadistic audience. How could she have been so impossibly naive?

Watching helplessly as her hangman carefully adjusted the last of the cameras Alex still couldn't believe this was actually happening to her. Even when he’d tightened the chains around her hips and pulled that brutally tight chain up through her crotch she’d still believed he was planning to fulfill her darkest ultimate fantasy. Even the shackles on her wrists, linked to the chain between her legs, only seem to heighten the masochistic eroticism of the moment, the cruel and undeniable presence of the two oversized dildos buried deep within the intimate depths of her guts shifting with the slightest movement of her helplessly bound wrists.

Even as he placed that deadly noose around her neck, Alex simply didn’t care, already lost in the submissive eroticism of the moment. Even when he forced Alex to open her mouth to accept the oversized ball gag Alex complied with utter willingness, so lost was Alex in her own erotic fantasies.

Only now, as she watched someone she barely knew, someone she'd only met previously in an Internet chat room, place his hand on the lever that could release the platform from beneath her feet did Alex realize she’d reached her own personal moment of truth. That moment of erotic fulfillment that transcends even survival itself. For the first and final time in her life Alex stared into the cold dark eyes of her hangman and finally realized from the depths of her heart that she was standing where she was always destined to be.

Watching as his gloved hand tightened on the platform's release, one final incredibly submissive thought captivated Alex’s mind, the desperate hope that her hangman and his audience would find her final erotically desperate dance with death impossibly erotic.