The target lived well up the coast, along an isolated road, with the nearest house more than a mile away. Arriving after dark, I bypassed the alarm and picking the lock, entered the house. Having observed the target before gaining entry I silently slipped up the stairs knowing that she was currently in the second-floor study.

Pausing in the hallway shadows, I silently watched Kimberly standing by the study’s floor to ceiling windows staring out in the storm’s wind-swept rain. The dimly lit lights allowing me to approach to mere feet before noticing my reflection in the glass, she turned toward me.

Rushing forward I grabbed her throat before she could react and roughly shoved Kimberly back against the glass. She was devastatingly beautiful, everything about her seductive, from her cute shapely ass through her slender waist up to her full firm bosom, to the smell of her perfume and the hint of strawberries on her warm moist lips.

I could clearly see the look of fear in her lovely eyes as I tightened my grip on her slender throat. Panicking as she struggled to breathe, she reached up and grasped my arm with both hands. In that moment, I firmly pressed the barrel of my stub nose .357 magnum revolver against her belly and squeezed the trigger sending a 158 gr. hollow point bullet into her guts. Keeping the barrel firmly against Kimberly’s belly, to muffle the gun shots, I pumped three more hollow points into her before I felt her knees finally starting to buckle.

Relaxing my grip on Kimberly’s throat, I eased her down to the floor, her body leaving an obscene red smear of blood on the badly damaged bullet-proof glass, as she sank onto her knees before collapsing over onto her side. Watching her, I could see that Kimberly desperately wanted to say something, but she no longer had the strength.

Moments later, Kimberly’s eyes lost their focus, and her body became still. Leaning down I checked for a pulse but there was nothing, she was gone. Relocking the house on my way out, I reactivated the alarm and headed off into the darkness.

In the morning, I’ll cash Kimberly’s check...