Veronica’s request to meet came as a complete surprise to Jason, his on-again, off-again relationship with Veronica having ended badly several months earlier. The time and place where she’d requested to meet turned out to be even a bigger surprise, midnight at the old Chadwick Funeral, a long-abandoned funeral home in the East End.

Veronica smiled at the look of surprise on Jason’s face when he saw her standing there, wearing nothing but stockings, heels and a smile, with one perfectly manicured hand provocatively resting on the swelling of her nude hip, the other even more suggestively wrapped around that tall steel impalement post.

He could clearly sense the sound of eager anticipation in Veronica’s voice, “I know you’ve always fantasized about snuffing me Jason, so, still interested in doing me?”

Smiling darkly Jason replied, “Seriously, Veronica was that a trick question?”

He could sense the relief in Veronica’s voice, “No tricks tonight Jason I just desire your evilly sadistic exuberance. I want to die by impalement, and I want you to be the one to do me.”

Matching his darkly erotic smile, Veronica continued, “If you could start by tying my wrists and elbows behind my back, we both know you’ve always loved the way my breast look when my elbows are bound together. After that tie my ankles with a loop of rope passing under my insteps, you know me, I’d hate to lose my high heels while I’m futilely struggling against the inevitable.”

Jason noticed a sudden thoughtful look appeared upon Veronica’s face as she continued, “Oh, and Jason, should I actually survive being impaled. I trust you can manage to restrain yourself for at least an hour or so before you take out your knife and disembowel me. Not that I’m opposed to being gutted like a fish, but I’d like to enjoy being impaled for at least an hour or two before you amuse yourself.”

“Oh, and I intentionally picked the old Chadwick Funeral, besides leasing it until the end of the month and paying to have the lights turned back on, I also had the gas turned on. So, after I’d dead, the last door at the end of the hall leads to the crematorium...”