Vince stood patiently waiting until Arabella began to awaken from her drug-induced slumber. As he watched he made a mental note to ask Tony about the sedative he'd slipped in Arabella's champagne, even lying naked in the cold metal floor it taken over an hour for her to awaken.

A sad smile of inevitability slowly spread across Vince's face as he watched the look of confusion on Arabella's face become one of fear as she realized she was nude with her wrists tightly shackled behind her back. Vince watched patiently as the beautiful young woman struggled to fight off the lingering effects of the sedative before lightly tapping on the side of the tank to get Arabella's attention.

Vince watched as Arabella looked up toward him and although the tank was soundproof he had little trouble understanding what Arabella was trying to say. Vince had been with Tony since the early days and was one of Tony's most trusted associates. In those days back in Chicago when Tony tired of a girl Vince and the boys would take the unlucky young lady down to the warehouse district by the riverfront where they would pour cement over her feet and dump her off a pier. Of course, since Tony moved his operation out to Vegas they had to make a few changes.

Vince began to open the valve as he watched the tears welling up in Arabella's as the hopelessness of her situation finally sank in, the realization that her pleas for mercy gone unheard. The sudden look of unspeakable horror in her lovely eyes as Arabella heard the terrifying sound of rushing water moments before the ice cold water began to quickly fill the tank.

Vince watched with sadistic amusement as Arabella struggled to keep her head above the rapidly rising water, the weight of the shackles and chains making it difficult for her to keep her face above the water. All too soon the chains linking her shackles the bottom of the tank grew taut as Arabella managed to take one final breath before the waters rose above her head. Shutting off the valve Vince casually walked around the tank and took a seat on some of the crates as he watched Arabella’s final moments of life quickly slipping away.

Three minutes later Arabella finally lost her futile struggle for survival, the sudden explosion of air bubbles from her mouth, the desperate way she struggled to escape her bonds. Then just as quickly her desperate struggles weakened until she floated lifeless and unseeing.

Leaving the body of his latest victim softly bobbing up and down within the tank Vince went back upstairs to the casino for well-deserved drink, then later after it gets dark he'd return and take Arabella’s body and bury her in an unmarked grave in the desert. He was already wondering how long it would be before Tony's new girl, Natalie, would end up in the tank, lately Tony's girls seemed to last just a month or two at most...