Every night for the last few months Amy’s experienced the same erotic dream, or perhaps erotic nightmare, long hours of unrelenting erotic torment that inevitably culminates in her own brutal death. And, as Amy discovered on that first horrifying night her dreams are merely the fruition of her own darkly erotic desires. Having, for so long, concealed her true masochistically submissive nature from the world, her darkest most secret desires are coming to life in her dreams.

That first night, even at the Sybian’s lowest power setting she’d climaxed in less than 15 minutes. It was then, in that timeless moment that Amy first experienced the true horror of her darkly submissive nightmare, in this place, in this dream, in this nightmare, having an orgasm without permission brings death. That night and on every night since her nightmare has ended in death, lost in the troughs of orgasmic bliss her sexual pleasure is inevitably cut short be the agonizing sensation of the razor sharp blade of her tormenter’s sword entering between her ribs just below her right shoulder blade, sliding diagonally upward through her chest, piercing her heart and exiting through her left breast.

As those brutal first nights stretched into agonizing months, Amy gradually gained the ability to delay her inevitable orgasms, allowing her to endure longer and longer intervals upon the Sybian. Of course, as her endurance increased her brutal tormenter merely raised the Sybian’s level of stimulation until she finally once again lost her ability to resist.

Tonight, Amy can sense her trials are nearing their culmination. The Sybian between her legs is at its highest power setting and for the entire night Amy’s somehow managed to keep from reaching orgasm. Now for the first time she watched as the sky slowly grew brighter until the sun was just about to peek above the horizon.

It was then that she heard her cruel tormentor whispering in her ear, “Congratulations Amy, you survived an entire night on the Sybian at its highest intensity settings without surrendering to your desperate need for sexual release. So now you face a choice, I can release you and you can resume your mortal existence free of these terrifying dreams, or you can choose to become the Devil’s latest pain and pleasure fuck toy. And you should know that in millennia or two, when the dark lord finally tires of you company, your ass is mine and you’ll spend the rest of eternity strapped upon this Sybian with my sword waiting just one orgasm away. But time is fleeting and you do need to choose now, before the sun breaks the horizon.”

Staring out at the rapidly brightening sky Amy already know her answer and seconds before the sun finally rose she shouted, “Are you kidding, Yes, Hell Fucking YES!”