Jessa smiled with amusement as she noticed the look of surprise on Cole’s face.

“Seriously, Cole, I’ve been your personal assistant for the last five years. Did you think you could hide this abattoir and your sadistically perverted pass time from me? Or, all those brutal snuff films I discovered on your private server. I assume that all these bones are the mortal remains of the women you’ve tortured to death on this vintage wheel rack. After all, I’ve even seen the invoices for the acid you used to dissolve their flesh, leaving nothing but their bleached bones behind as sickly twisted mementos of their deaths.”

As I spoke, I started to sense a change in Cole’s expression, one that sent a delightfully chilling sense of dark forboding coursing through me.

Smiling darkly, “Of course, I’ll have to admit that I found all those snuff films darkly erotic, that is, from the perspective of a submissively masochistic pain slut.”

Seeing the look of eager sadistic anticipation on Cole’s face, I added, “So, after I let you sweet talk me out of my clothes and onto that rack. I’m looking forward to a long night of pain, pleasure, and more pain before you finally finish me off with that diabolically cruel vaginal pear. Oh, and if you would, please take your time opening that pear inside me. I want time to savor every agonizing sensation as it rips my insides apart before I finish bleeding to death.”

Hours later, as he finished dumping the last of Jessa’s badly mutilated corpse into the acid, Cole reflected on how much Jessa seemed to reveal in the brutally cruel tortures he’d subjected her to. Red-hot skewers, glowing flesh-searing branding irons, heavy steel-tipped floggers slicing deep into her flesh, all the while, the rack is growing steadily tighter with each metallic click of its unforgiving ratchet.

Disturbingly, while he gags his victims, it’s because he doesn’t want to listen to them begging for their lives. However, with Jessa, he had the nagging suspicion she’d have been pleading for even more severe torture...