A long-time admirer of Ghost’s gruesome snuff films, Nicole longed to be one of his sexy victims, a beautiful, scantily clad, damsel in distress, fated to endure an unspeakably agonizing death on the razor-sharp blade of his knife.

Tonight, the Ghost is going to fulfill Nicole’s darkly erotic fantasy. Stepping close, he uses the razor-sharp blade of his knife to slice through the shoulder straps of her revealing bodysuit allowing it to fall from her breasts to hang suggestively from the feminine swell of her hips.

Then, with practiced ease he carefully positions the knife’s sharp tip just below the underside of her sternum. Pausing, he listens to sound of her breathing, patiently waiting until she fully finishes exhaling before plunging that deadly blade deep into her guts.

Smiling behind his face concealing metal mask, as he felt the tip of the blade stop against one of the vertebrae of Nicole’s spine, he slowly twisted the blade back and forth until he had it centered against the vertebra. Then, tightening his grip on the knife’s handle, drew its blade smoothly downward through her abdomen, destroying her insides as the blade painfully opened her belly from the underside of her ribcage all the way down to her crotch.

Feeling the blade of his knife scrapping against the front arch of Nicole’s pelvis, Ghost stepped to the side as he pulled his knife out of her belly, her mutilated insides already beginning to spill to the floor in that eagerly anticipated explosion of blood and gore.

Hours later, as he finished dropping the last chunks of Nicole’s dismembered corpse into the acid tank, Ghost marveled at Nicole’s final surprise. That, even as he was preparing to harvest her breast implants, she still managed to raise her head and whisper, “Thank you” as she died...