“When Monica asked if I thought she’d struggle, I told her it’s was hard to tell, some struggle. Some don’t. I don’t think she realized that I was lying. In truth, when the time comes every woman struggles against the inevitable. It's instinctive.”

Eager to live out her darkest ultimate fantasy, Monica came to that long-abandoned warehouse down by the harbor where I’d recently set up shop. She’d been extremely specific about the details of her fantasy, even going as far as to supply her own wardrobe and makeup. Monica spent almost an hour in the dressing room before she finally walked into the abattoir, an erotically feminine vision of fetish clad sensuality. Monica’s tight fitting red latex corset revealed a breathtaking view of her magnificent bosom while compressing her slender waistline into an exaggerated hourglass silhouette. Below her corset, shiny black tights, under tight-fitting red latex thong panties, sheathed her long shapely legs before disappearing into the tops of sexy latex, thigh-high ballet boots. Knowing how difficult it is to walk in ballet boots, Monica surprised me with the ease with which she casually walked over to the stool I’d placed beneath where the hangman’s noose ominously dangled from the ceiling above.

Reaching the waiting wooden stool, Monica breathed as deep a sigh of relief as her incredibly tight corset would allow as she demurely turned and stated, “I hope you appreciate all the hours I’ve spent over the last six weeks learning how to walk seductively in these boots, just so I could impress you.”

Then gingerly sitting down with her shapely ass poised on the edge of the stool, Monica smiled seductively as she submissively brought her hands together behind her back. Sliding the single-glove up onto her arms, I tightened the laces, slowly drawing Monica’s arms backward until her elbows touched, before securing its straps above and below her breasts to pin her tightly bound arms firmly against the back of her corset. Three additional leather straps followed, binding her legs together at the ankles, knees and thighs before I helped Monica back up onto her feet. Holding Monica’s shoulders, I could feel her trembling as she struggled to maintain her balance, standing in ballet boots is awkward at best, even without having your ankles bound together. Still, Monica surprised me with just how quickly she managed to adjust.

Smiling as she fought to keep her balance, “You know. I actually practiced keeping my balance while standing in these boots even with my ankles tied together, but I never realized how difficult it would be to do it with my arms bound behind my back.”

Slipping the noose down over her head, I took care to keep Monica’s long ponytail from getting tangled in the rope as I snuggly tightened it around her latex collared throat. When I first suggested adding that tight-fitting red latex collar to her ensemble, Monica merely thought of it as a submissively inspired addition to her wardrobe. However, unbeknownst by Monica, the collar I gave her also served a darker, far more insidious purpose. During my earliest “Noose Lover” videos, I discovered the leading ladies starring in my productions only survived for about ten minutes or so before the noose finally claimed their lives. However, that all changed after I perfected these collars. Constructed out of several layers of thick latex bonded around a flexible steel mesh, these collars reduce the rope’s pressure around a woman’s throat, greatly extending the time it takes for her to die. Today, thanks to these deviously designed collars, the women starring in my productions survive for at least forty-five agonizing minutes, with many lasting over an hour before the noose inevitably claims their lives.

The noose snugly secured around Monica’s throat I picked up the ball gag. Monica realizing the moment of truth had finally arrived, rather than making a last request, leaned into me. Her full firm breasts pressing against my chest as our lips met in a long passionate kiss that lingered several delightful minutes before I reluctantly broke our embrace and pressed the gag’s black latex ball firmly back between Monica’s luscious ruby-red lips.

I could see the impassioned look of eager masochistic anticipation in Monica’s eyes as I moved the stool out of the way and pressed the winch’s wall-mounted activation switch. Slowly, the winch retracted the rope upward drawing the hangman’s noose taut around Monica’s slender neck. It's gradually increasing pressure forcing Monica up onto her toes until the tall nine-inch heels of her ballet boots lifted from the floor as she desperately attempted to escape the steady growing pressure around her throat. Releasing the winch activation switch just moments before the noose lifted the toes of Monica’s ballet boots clad feet from the floor I picked up my handheld video camera and switched on the room's array of over a dozen strategically placed video cameras as Monica fought to keep her tenuous balance.

Within moments, I saw the eager anticipation in Monica’s eyes gradually starting to morph into an irresistible look of overwhelming sexual arousal, her desperate struggles to stay up on her toes subtly changing into a steady rhythmic motion. The sensuous motion of her pelvis causing the crotch of Monica’s tight-fitting latex thong to excruciatingly rub across her throbbing clitoris as, she slowly rocked up and down on her toes. And yet, even as Monica continued her tantalizingly erotic dance, I could see the growing look of sexual frustration in her lovely eyes as she started to realize that practically every element of her fantasy was conspiring to prevent her from experiencing that orgasm she so desperately longed for.

Monica wanted to scream in frustration, and frankly, if it wasn’t for that oversized ball gag stuffed deep within her mouth, she would have. “Push too far up onto my toes and I’d topple forward, relax my calf muscles for a moment too long, and I’d fall backward, either way that deadly noose would painfully crush my throat until I managed to regain my tenuous balance. And, even if I managed to stay balanced on my toes, my incredibly tight bondage and the unforgiving steel stays of my corset restricted my movement just enough to make reaching orgasm utterly impossible.”

Amused by Monica’s growing state of sexual desperation, I watched her struggle for a few more minutes before I finally pressed the activation button on the wireless remote control taped to the side of my camera, switching on the small but powerful vibrator concealed within the tight-fitting crotch of Monica’s red latex panties, panties that I’d secretly switched with the identical looking pair she’d brought with her. The sudden unexpected increase in stimulation pushing Monica over the edge, causing her sexy bound body to convulse uncontrollably in one of the longest and most intensely erotic displays I’ve witnessed in over fifteen years of producing my “Noose Lover” snuff videos.

Monica could see the look of sadistic satisfaction on her executioner’s masked face as she struggled. “It was becoming hard to catch my breath between orgasms, my orgasms starting to come so close together that it felt like my next orgasm was already upon me even before the previous one peaked. I never imagined enduring something this erotic, something this primeval, but my intellect had little to say in the matter.”

“Perhaps, it’s the incredibly tight bondage that is at long last releasing my long concealed submissively feminine nature, or maybe it's the unrelenting pressure of that deadly noose around my throat that’s finally bringing out my secretly repressed masochistic desires. Or quite possibly, it’s because I’m standing in this old dilapidated warehouse alone with a cruelly sadistic stranger, one wearing an ominously face concealing mask. And I’m half naked, dressed in the sexist kinkiest ensemble I’d ever imagined wearing, all the while being recorded by a room full of HD video cameras as I slowly strangle to death at the end of this unforgiving noose.

“I felt my heart skip a beat as I helplessly watched him reaching for the activation switch of the room’s overhead hoist. The already taut rope effortlessly lifting my desperately straining toes from the abattoir’s cold stone floor, the sudden painful increase in the noose’s unrelenting pressure around my neck, brutally starting to crush my throat, and finally, erasing any last lingering doubts that I was actually starring in an authentic snuff film.”

Watching as she struggled, I could see the look of unbridled sexual lust slowly giving way to a look of terror and fear in her eyes as Monica felt the noose tightening around her throat, something that the fans of my “Noose Lover” snuff videos have come to expect. Reaching up to the remote taped to the side of my video camera, I switched the vibrator concealed within Monica’s latex panties to its maximum setting.

“Part of me desperately wanted him to switch that vibrator off and lower me to the floor, and yet my long suppressed submissively masochistic side refused to agree. The sudden overwhelming increase in that evil vibrator’s intensity pushing me toward that next all-consuming climax even as I felt that deadly noose continue to tighten painfully around my throat.”

Watching intently through the lens of the camera, I saw that expected look of fear, and lust grow in Monica’s eyes as that noose slowly tightened around her slender throat. Despite her struggles, each incredible orgasm further draining her will to resist the inevitable. With each orgasm, her struggles gradually grew weaker, until sixty three minutes later, her tightly bound body convulsed in one powerful final orgasm as she died.

I kept all the cameras focused on Monica’s slowly cooling corpse for the next five minutes. I’ve learned that while my sadistically cruel audience delights in the erotic way my victims struggle as they hang, they also enjoy watching my victim’s lifeless bodies dangling from the noose through the final credits...