Smiling at the look of surprise in his eyes, “Good evening Dr. Death, I’m Michelle and while I know you usually take Monday through Wednesday nights off from your websites demanding schedule of live pay-pre-view torture and snuff, I was wondering if you’d be willing to perhaps make an exception this evening?”

Seeing the look in Dr. Death’s cold eyes Michelle smiled darkly as she continued, “I’ve been a loyal subscriber and fan of yours for years. I’ve watched in fascination as your diabolical surgical technique has steadily improved with practice. I know it had to be frustrating at first, all those ungrateful early victims going into shock and dying before you fully finished eviscerating them. I imagine it was extremely difficult and time consuming to develop that powerful cocktail of stimulants you now use to keep your victims from going into shock as you work.”

Watching as Dr. Death removed his jacket and reached for his surgical gown, Michelle felt an erotic masochistic feeling of sexual excitement building, “I especially loved it when over last few years more and more of your victims managed to survive but also remain awake and alert almost the very end. Frankly Doctor, I’ve been trying to find you since last September when Lisa, that sexy blonde, was you first victim to still be alive when you finally finished disemboweling her.”

Michelle watched Dr. Death pause as he fondly remembered that night, “I loved the way she screamed, that look of pain in her eyes, as you made that first incision in her lower abdomen. That erotic look of pure terror in her lovely eyes as you carefully removed her reproductive organs, her ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina intact and arranged them with surgical precision on the table between her legs.”

Michelle trembled with eager anticipation as she watched Dr. Death finish dressing, his face now concealed behind his surgical mask as he attached a pair of polished steel restraints to the rings at the foot of the surgical table. The warmth of his hands, even though the latex surgical gloves making her heartbeat quicken as he secured her ankles to the table, “I’m still not sure who was more surprised when Lisa survived her disembowelment. The entire audience could clearly see the shock in both your eyes, you’d removed the entire contents of her abdominal cavity below her diaphragm and somehow she was still alive and awake when you grabbed that scalpel and slit her throat.”

Laying back on the table Michelle watched as Dr. Death locked the cold steel restraints tightly around her wrists, “Of course, the real reason I sought you out is the latest enhancements you’ve added to your victims suffering. The way you've started to amputate your victim’s arms and legs after disemboweling them and you’re latest viciously diabolical touch that row of meat hooks you’ve added to the wall. I especially like the way you’ve started using those meat hooks to display each amputated limb. Five hooks, four hooks for the arms and legs, the final middle hook ominously reserved for the victim herself, carefully impaled alive, the hook entering through her back to exit just beneath the base of her ribcage.”

Watching helplessly as Dr. Death picked up an oversized rubber penis gag, “I even understand your change from using a simple ball gag to stifle your victim’s screams. Samantha, your victim last Sunday night, didn’t she manage to survive for almost an hour on that meat hook?”

Michelle smiled one last time as she stared into Dr. Death’s eyes, “To think, after suffering disembowelment and having her limbs amputated, all obviously without anesthesia, Samantha still managed to last almost an hour on that meat hook before she died. That’s what did it for me, after all even as a willing masochistic snuff toy, a girl always has to have her standards...”