The technician watched with amusement as Monicaís tightly stretched body convulsed in another powerful forced orgasm. With her crotch pressing firmly down against the saddle of the Sybian sex machine poised between her uncomfortably spread thighs, with its two massive vibrating dildos deep within her vagina and ass, she was helpless to escape the Sybianís fiendishly diabolic attentions.

Stage 1 conditioning heightened Monicaís submissiveness, making her eager to submit to any Master or Mistress who demands her slavery. Stage 1 conditioning, also erased any lingering mental or sexual inhibitions, making Monica willing to embrace even the kinkiest of fetishes.

Stage 2 conditioning rewrote and magnified Monicaís understanding of masochistic pleasure and pain, erasing any latent desire for limits or safe words.

The Sybianís unrelenting vibrators randomly changing the level of stimulation since Monicaís Stage 3 conditioning began over seventy-three hours earlier. All the while breathing in, a powerful combination of strong stimulates that force her to remain conscious, while a mixture of psychotropic drugs is permanently altering her behavior and consciousness.

Having already successfully endured the centerís Stage 1 and 2 conditioning processes, Monica still has over forty-six hours left to go before her Stage 3 conditioning is complete. By then any lingering sense of self-determination or self-worth will be erased, leaving Monica as little more than a living, breathing, sex doll.

Smiling as Monica climaxed again, the technician considered, that of the 1486 women to have undergone at least Phase 1 conditioning here at the center, Monica was not only the seventy-eighth to endure all three conditioning stages, but she was also the first woman to do so willingly...