In the end, they all ask me to do it quickly, which I never have. But, usually theyíre not that specific, at least not until that reporter Janice found my secret lair. It was only later, after the video of her death went viral, that I realized the masochistic bitch had actually enjoyed it!

After that everything changed. Now every woman with a masochistic death wish has been trying to find me just for the chance to star in one of my snuff films. In the last sixteen months Iíve had to relocate seven times in three different cities just to stay ahead of them.

Iíve only been working here in Seattle for two weeks, barely long enough to abduct and murder half a dozen women and now my latest victim Nicki, turns out to be an undercover cop. And the worst part, finding me wasnít even her assignment, she just wanted to star in one of my videos. Nikki even had the gall to ask me to email a hi-def copy of the video to her partner, seems their both fans of my work.

Some days I feel so used...

Artist note: Inspired by the work of Carl.