Due to the quickly approaching holiday season, it was a long and busy day, here at the Hills Fine Meats slaughterhouse, as the crew worked tirelessly to keep up with the demand for choice cuts of beef and ham. Of course, Hill’s Fine Meats also had a hidden and far more insidious side to their business.

In a secret sub-basement beneath the main slaughterhouse, is a second, darkly diabolic slaughterhouse where beautiful young women are brutally butchered, then their bodies carved up into steaks, roasts and chops with the leftovers turned into ground meat. Prime cuts of tender delectable women meat, that sells for over a thousand dollars a pound to Hill’s exclusive and discriminating cannibalistic clientele.

Abducted last night, on the way home from work, I awoke earlier this morning in this chamber of horrors, naked and locked within one of those empty cages you see behind me. One of twenty matching cages lining the room’s back wall, where twenty kidnapped women, all destined to become meat, awoke this morning.

Now, I’m the last, since nine this morning I’ve watched all of them die, one every thirty minutes. Taken, one at a time, from their cages, our butchers strapped each of them beneath the guillotine’s blood-stained blade. Moments later, the blade dropped, ending their lives in a gruesome explosion of blood as their severed heads fell to the floor.

With their latest victim’s decapitated body still twitching, one of the butchers would position the next track mounted hoist above her feet, inserting the hoist's steel hooks into her ankles, while the other tossed her head in a waste barrel. Pausing to release the guillotine’s restraints, they used zip ties to secure her wrists to her thighs, then hoisted her headless corpse upward by the hooks in her ankles before sliding her body along the overhead track toward a large blood-stained plastic tub.

Once, her decapitated body hung over the tub, they’d slice her open, from her crotch to the underside of her ribcage, removed her internal organs allowing most to spill into the waiting tub, while carefully setting aside her liver, kidneys and heart for later processing. Then, with her disembowelment complete, they’d move her body further along the track until it reached the washing station where they rinsed any residual blood out of her chest and abdominal cavities before moving her carcass into the room’s large, walk-in, meat cooler.

It was horrifying to watch the practiced ease with which these butchers went about their gruesome bloody business, and even though some of the early victims struggled against the inevitable, both carried an electric cattle prod which they used at the slightest sign of resistance.

They worked tirelessly, and at six thirty that evening, it was finally my turn to face that bloody guillotine. Knowing what would happen if I struggled, I offered no resistance as they led me toward the guillotine and secured me tightly in place. Expecting that deadly blade to end my life within seconds, I was surprised when it didn’t happen. Instead, I heard one of them say, “Since this is the last one for this evening, I think we should have a little amusement at her expense. Why don’t you setup the fuck machine while I explain to her what’s going to happen.”

Squatting down next to the guillotine, I could see the look of evil anticipation in his eyes, “The fuck machine my partner is setting up between your thighs has two large, ribbed dildos, both with built-in vibrators. With each deep and powerful thrust, the lower shaft will violate you sexually, while the upper shaft will do so anally. Each dildo also has sensors that can detect your approaching orgasm.”

A dark sinister smile appeared on his face, “So, as far as you’re concerned the rules are quite simple. The instant you climax the guillotine’s blade will automatically release, decapitating you. Let’s see just how long you can endure the fuck machine’s unrelenting attentions before you finally have your last orgasm.”

As those two, oversized, dildos started to thrust, hilt deep into my vagina and ass, he concluded, “Most women usually last about twenty minutes, with the record being forty-two minutes, but in the end, I promise you that the guillotine will always win.”

That evil dildo taking me sexually is pushing up against my cervix forcing my thighs painfully forward against the back edge of the restraint platform with each powerful thrust, while the tip of that dildo reaming my ass is going painfully deep within my colon with every thrust. Combined with those two built-in vibrators, just enough pleasure and pain to awaken my inner masochistic self, those sadistic bastards, at this rate, I’ll be lucky if I manage to last even ten minutes before I lose my head...