Switching on the cameras as Ghost noticed Courtney waking, “As a serial killer and snuff film producer, I always seek new and obscenely torturous ways to entertain my discriminating audience. So, when Courtney, a long-time member of my audience, suggested a new diabolically gruesome twist on the ancient art of impalement, I ensured she’d be the first to see it used. However, I don’t think she expected to see it used from her current perilous perspective.”

“I’ll give her a few more minutes for the lingering effects of the chloroform to wear off before I press the wall-mounted down button.”

“Once activated, the bondage frame holding Courtney will slowly descend, gradually impaling her vaginally on the impalement post’s diabolically spiked shaft. As she sinks, burying that brutal shaft steadily deeper into her abdomen, the spikes will destroy her vagina and gradually rip her insides apart until the bondage frame’s descent completes with the post’s tip pressing painfully upward against the underside of her diaphragm and her toes dangling several inches off the floor.”

“With the post’s tip pressing against the underside of Courtney’s diaphragm, she’ll quickly discover that it’s impossible to take anything other than short, shallow breaths. However, with every shallow breath, her body will shift on that impalement post, causing those cruel spikes to painfully further damage her insides.”

“It will be interesting to see how long Courtney will last once fully impaled. I’d estimate she’ll remain conscious for at least three to six hours before her mounting blood loss renders her unconscious and another hour or two after that before she finishes bleeding out.”

Reaching up, Ghost placed his thumb on the down button, “Well, it seems Courtney has fully recovered from the chloroform, and her rapidly growing terror is threatening to overwhelm her senses, but we can’t have that, can we.”

Watching the bondage frame starting to descend, Ghost smiled behind his face-concealing mask, “It only seems fitting that Courtney’s diabolically twisted imagination laid the seeds for her own agonizingly torturous demise...”