Candice stared out at the thunderstorms coming in over the bay, the sudden storm swept winds delivering a delightfully chilling sting to her bare skin as she stepped out onto her balcony. Pausing to take another sip from her glass of chardonnay Candice tried to imagine all the unspeakable and utterly delightful sexually submissive activities her latest boyfriend should have been compelling her to provide for his sadistic amusement that is assuming he’d been a real sadist instead of just another fucking spineless want to be. Still reflecting on the injustice of being a sexually frustrated masochistic pain slut Candice was thinking about opening a second bottle of wine when the wind’s delightfully chilling sting suddenly turned icy cold.

One moment Candice was alone, the next a hideous terrifying monster stood directly before her, the sudden horrible stench of decay, the sickening smell of rotting meat and blood threatening to overwhelm her senses. And, most horrifying thing of all, Candice discovered she no longer had control over her own body. Wanting nothing more than to scream, to flee in terror, Candice watched in horror as she calmly walked over the table and set down her glass next to the empty wine bottle, than turning back walked directly to that hideous waiting creature.

The ancient creature of the dark universe marveled at the ease with which he dominated this scrumptious looking human female’s mind, her thoughts, her desires, so enticingly refreshing after all those long millennia the races of the dark had been denied access to the mortal universe. Willing her to turn and extend her arms the creature, a member of an ancient immortal race known in the dark universe simply as the Elder Gods, extended two of its tentacles to lightly grasp the female’s wrists, that sudden physical connection giving him complete and total mastery over her mind.

Candice closed her eyes and gasped in utter surprise as a powerful sensation of erotic pleasure overwhelmed her senses, her body slowly floating upward into the air as leathery tentacles wrapped themselves tightly around her ankles.

Delving deep into Candice’s thoughts and desires, the ancient creature who’d forgotten his name long before Candice’s earliest ancestors had climbed down from the trees, paused with unexpected delight, his thoughts seducing Candice’s mind, “Submit to me Candice, submit and I will give you all that you so desperately desire. I will gladly fulfill all your darkest masochistic dreams.”

Candice surrendered as she felt the tentacles tighten to pull her wrists slowly behind her back as the creature’s large wing like membranes closed to envelope her body in a warm leathery embrace that sensuously conformed to every curve of her body. The intensely erotic sensation as two warm pulsating tentacles slowly swelled to fill her rectum and vagina. A faint moan of carnal delight escaped her lips as another leathery tentacle swelled to fill Candice’s mouth its tip slipping deep into her throat.

The creature, his latest victim secured within the digestive folds of his body, moved back through the portal between the worlds as it quickly closed behind him. There, once again safely back within his ancient mountain top perch, he began to feed as hundreds of small needle like tentacles pierced Candice’s skin injecting small quantities of corrosive digestive enzymes that slowly began to dissolve her muscles and internal organs. Candice’s mind remained trapped within an overwhelming mix of pleasure and pain until she finally died weeks later as the creature’s digestive enzymes, having reduced her body to nothing more than dried skin and marrow drained bones, finally consumed her brain.

His hunger sated for the moment, the creature turned and releasing his hold on Candice’s lifeless corpse allowed her shriveled remains to drop from his lofty mountain top perch to land among the countless piles of decaying bodies far below. The exquisite taste of her thoughts already fading from his memory as he began to search the mortal world for his next tasty meal...