Sarah awoke to a nightmare.

She'd been late to cheerleading practice, parking her car she'd been hurrying across the stadium's dark parking lot when suddenly someone grabbed her from behind. Sarah tried to scream but her assailant covered her mouth with a thick damp rag. Darkness claimed Sarah long before she realized the rag was soaked in chloroform.

Yesterday Sarah's worst fear was that she'd loose her spot on the squad if the coach noticed that she was late for a second practice this week. Belatedly Sarah realized there were things far more terrifying then loosing her cheerleading job.

Sarah awoke in darkness, her mouth gagged and her wrists handcuffed tightly behind her back. The musky scent that filled her nostrils and the draftiness of her short revealing skirt confirming that her kidnapper had used her own balled up panties to stuff her mouth. She was still struggling to sit up when she heard someone opening the door. The sudden brightness blinding her Sarah was helplessly to resist as her kidnapper grabbed her arm and a handful of her hair a roughly forced her to her feet. She was already out of the closet and halfway across the basement before she understood the terrifying horror that lay in store.

Reaching the waiting dildo post Sarah's kidnapper picked up the terrified struggling young woman and pushed her crotch down on the dildo's massive shaft.

Sarah screamed helplessly as she felt the dildo's thick rounded tip sliding upward into the tightness of her vagina. Struggle as she might she was powerless to resist this brutally obscene violation of her sex.

Already forced to stand on her toes Sarah watched in helpless horror as her kidnapper knelt to adjust the dildo post. Loosing the post's clamp he slowly inched the dildo upward forcing Sarah up higher on her toes until he was sure she could raise herself no higher. Securing the post's clamp he heard a delightful whimper of despair escape his victim's tightly packed mouth as she realized that she couldn't escape the dildo's brutal unrelenting upward pressure against her cervix.

Staring into her kidnapper's cold dark eyes Sarah felt a sudden and almost overwhelming sense of dread. The knife on the table, that chainsaw encrusted with dried blood, Sarah suddenly realized just who her kidnapper was.

Sensing his victim's sudden understanding the serial killer known only as "Mister Slice and Dice" smiled darkly as he carefully lifted Sarah's skin-tight top to reveal her full firm breasts. Then staring into his latest victim's lovely eyes he slowly squeezed her nipples until he saw that first tear trickle down her smooth white cheek before leaving lovely Sarah to contemplate her terrifying fate.

Sarah watched helplessly as her kidnapper turned and walked up the basement stairs. She knew that he'd return soon and when he did the real horror would begin. She silently prayed that he'd at least have the decency to kill her quickly rather then a piece at a time as he dismembered her body with that chainsaw. According to the news, the police still hadn't found all the pieces of his last victim.