“Retribution, that’s what the general called it when he signed my order of execution. Of course, I didn’t expect I’d be spending three weeks in this hell hole of a woman’s prison awaiting execution. Three weeks of bad food, ugly gray jumpsuits and one five minute lukewarm shower a week. As it turns out, they only carry out executions once a month.”

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, I deserved this. I really do. I’ve been the general’s mistress for the last two years, and frankly, it was pretty good being the general’s mistress. Shopping trips to Paris, jewelry, steaks flown in fresh from Hawaii, the best stocked wine cellar in South-East Asia and the most powerful man in the country eagerly catering to my every desire. Not to mention, he’s seriously good in bed. Still, I can understand him being upset when he learned that I’d also been reading his private papers and supplying the rebels with critical information the entire time I was sharing his bed.”

“Anyway, this afternoon, on the way to the showers with all the other condemned prisoners, one of the guards pulled me out of line. Expecting that long-overdue gang-rape, after all being the general’s ex-mistress only counts for so much in prison, I was surprised when he led to a private bathroom with a magnificently huge tub and all the hot water and bath salts I could soak up.”

“Finally climbing out of the tub as the water cooled, I walked out into the dressing room only to find some of my own makeup and hair brush awaiting me. Not too surprising, the makeup was to the general’s taste, dark eye shadow and liner with pink lip gloss. As for clothing, all I found was my favorite white thong bodysuit, fortunately freshly laundered since it’s the same one I was wearing the night before I was arrested, when the general bent me down over his desk and raped me in the ass. Oh, and using just enough lubricant to ensure his pleasure with no thought to mine. Not that I’m complaining, thanks to his Viagra enhanced stamina, I managed to have three orgasms before his lust was finally sated, not that he noticed.”

“Oh, and the general was nice enough to save my execution for last, although he made sure I watched. The first to face the guillotine, a woman convicted of murdering her husband. The next two, lovers, being a lesbian under Sharia law is a bitch. They should have been stoned but the general is trying to attract foreign investors, so he commuted their sentences to make their executions less public. Then it was finally my turn.”

“Surprisingly, the executioner offered to wipe the blood off the guillotine’s bascule before ordering me to lie down. Defiantly, I replied, ‘What’s the point.’ Not put off by my response, he then did something else completely unexpected and offered me a final request. I paused for a moment and said, ‘Thank you. I'd like to enjoy a glass of my favorite wine before I die.’”

“Unexpectedly, one of the prison’s staff appeared outside the execution chamber’s locked gate and handed the executioner a glass of wine. Taking a sip, I discovered it was actually my favorite, it turns out the general was more thoughtful, than I gave him credit for. Of course, when I’m finished, the executioner is still going to cut off my head...”