Up to the night of their first anniversary Traci believed her husband still had no idea about her ongoing affair with his best friend from college. That morning she'd awoke to dozens of freshly delivered roses and a seductive note from her husband, "Tonight, to celebrate our first anniversary, I promise some truly memorable entertainment for my adoring wife. I've arranged for reserved seating, so be ready to leave by eight."

Promptly at eight, attired in nothing but her sexiest little black dress and tall stiletto heels, she'd greeted her husband at the door. Without saying a word, he took her into his arms and kissed her with unexpected passion. Still believing that her husband remained happily ignorant of her affair, the chloroform soaked cloth came as a complete surprise.

As it turned out, Traci's husband was all too aware of her infidelity. And, as Traci discovered, the kind of "reserved seating" he'd arranged for her to experience would prove to be all too brutally terminal.