It was Friday evening, and after changing into her skimpiest thong bikini, Emma opened a bottle of her favorite wine and just finished lighting several candles out on the patio of her secluded house in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, when it happened. One moment, the air was warm and moist against her skin, the way it always is after an early spring rain. The next, Emma found herself engulfed by a bitter icy cold blast, the scent of rain blooming mountain flowers suddenly overwhelmed by the foul stench of putrid decay.

Startled Emma dropped her wine glass as she felt a cold, disgustingly slimy, tentacle coiling around her left thigh. Suddenly, the tentacle painfully tightened around Emma’s thigh and brutally pulled her leg out from under her as she finally got her first glimpse of the monstrous creature attacking her. All claws and mouth, only the tip of the creature was visible, the rest of its body hidden within a swirling cloud of darkness that somehow had replaced the other half of her patio. However, what she could see was horrifying, a huge open mouth lined with rows and rows of large sharp teeth, surrounded by a ring of massive blood splattered claws.

Realizing that the tentacle gripping her thigh was starting to drag her toward the creature’s mouth, Emma struggled to free herself from the tentacle’s powerful grip, but just as she started to loosen the creature’s grasp upon her leg, a second tentacle shot out of the creature’s mouth to capture her left wrist. Undeterred by Emma’s desperate struggles the creature continued to drag her helplessly toward its huge gaping mouth.

Despite her best efforts to resist, icy terror gripped Emma’s chest as she helplessly watched the lower half of her leg sliding into the creature’s saliva soaked mouth as more tentacles emerged from the creature's mouth to wrap themselves tightly around her slender waist. Finally surrendering to the horror, Emma opened her mouth to scream, but just as she did another tentacle shot forth, its slimy tip slipping deep into her mouth, stifling her screams before they had the chance to escape her lips.

Moments later, Emma disappeared into the creature’s monstrous mouth, the tentacles quickly pulling her struggling body deeper into the creature’s gullet, where she’s doomed to spend the coming days being slowly and painfully digested alive.

Excerpt, classified government report, agency name redacted, dated Tuesday February 21, 2017. “This latest disappearance fit’s the investigation profile. At approximately 8:03 PM Pacific Time on Friday February 17, 2017 the Keyhole 4 satellite detected a short-duration EMP event consistent with past observed events. An investigation team, with local SWAT backup, reached to site at 9:10 PM Pacific Time and executed a hostile breech entry of the premises at approximately 9:14 PM Pacific Time. The team quickly determined that another woman vanished that night, however, in this case several hours after the passage of a moderately severe weather event. Ominously, while closely coinciding with the time of the weather disturbance, this is the first disappearance that didn’t actually occur during the occurrence of a severe weather disturbance. Worldwide, to date, satellites have detected a total of 286,843 short duration EMP events consistent with past observed events with 98,431 of these events occurring within North America. Of these North American events 98,125 have positively been linked to confirmed disappearances of women between 20 and 30 years of age.