Despite having worked as a fetish model for almost ten years, Sandy still thought this night seemed a little stranger then most. First, she'd driven up to a mansion that looked like something out of an Addams family movie and second she'd never agreed to work with a bunch of midgets, especially midgets in troll costumes. Still, she was getting paid five hundred an hour with a six hour minimum and even she had to admit she looked really hot dressed in that black latex corset, gloves and high heels.

And despite her initial revulsion at the thought of working with midgets, as the night progressed Sandy actually found herself beginning to feel sorry for them. As she shifted from one pose to the next under the watchful eye of the camera, those poor little midgets simply stood there and stared at her with a look of almost hungry desperation in their eyes.

Sandy was about to suggest to the photographer that they take a break and give those little guys a break from those troll suits when she felt a midget's troll suit clad finger pressing insistently between the heated folds of her sex. Already poised with her gloved hands resting on her slightly bent knees, Sandy found herself uttering a faint gasp of pure carnal delight as she pushed back against that invading finger until it slipped deep into the moist depths of her sex.

Pausing to catch her breath, Sandy marveled at the fact people actually paid her to do things like this. After all, she'd been very clear with the photographer, if sexual penetration happened during the shoot the price would be double her usual hourly fee.

Sandy was about to remind the photographer of that point when she heard one of the midgets say, "Grok, if I've told you once I've told you a hundred times, keep your fingers out of the food. Now snuff and gut her so we can get her in the oven."

Sandy was still staring into the camera when the troll standing behind her replaced his invading finger with his sword...