Tommy ‘Tommy Gun’ Kelly smiled beneath his face-concealing mask, his hand involuntarily tightening around the pistol grip of his submachine gun, as Phantom Girl slowly regained consciousness.

“Good evening, Phantom Girl, and welcome to my evil lair. I know you’re still groggy from the sedatives we administered to keep you unconscious while we searched for your notorious jewel of destiny. Who would have guessed the jewel would turn out to be an oversized red-glowing crystal dildo cleverly concealed within the depths of your vagina. But, no matter, without the jewel of destiny, I’ve stripped you of your superpowers, leaving you as vulnerable as any mortal.”

Struggling not to laugh at the look of fear and desperation in Phantom Girl’s eyes, Tommy continued, “You may be interested in knowing that this is my newest deathtrap. The stainless steel wedge poised between your thighs is the latest development in industrial cutting technology. Referred to by its creator as a vibro-blade, he discovered that applying ultrasonics to cause the blade to vibrate at a specific frequency significantly increased the blade’s cutting ability. The blade between your thighs can cut through 24 inches of high-carbon steel like butter. Sadly, the energy requirement is too prohibitive to use the technology in a handheld weapon for my henchmen.”

Pausing to gesture toward the blade, “However, the blade can effortlessly bisect a superheroine’s body. Your muscles and bones offer little resistance as the blade slices through you, delightfully spilling your mutilated internal organs onto the tray below as you slowly bleed to death. You’re death, Phantom Girl, promises to be slow and obscenely unpleasant, as the two superheroines who’ve already died on this delightfully gruesome deathtrap could attest to if they’d survived.”

Glancing at the waiting henchman, “After Phantom Girl is dead, harvest her head and give it to my taxidermist. I’m already looking forward to seeing her head on the wall of trophies in my den.”

Waiting until his boss left the chamber, the henchman switched on the vibro-blade, listening with sadistic delight to Phantom Girl’s desperate screams of agony as the advancing blade effortlessly cut through her convulsing body. Then, pausing to wait until Phantom Girl finished bleeding out, he picked up the small electric chainsaw and removed her head before dumping her mutilated body and the pile of her guts into the acid tank. In the morning, he’d add her acid-bleached bones to the piles of superheroine bones already decorating the execution chamber’s floor.