I usually refuse personal requests. However, I found Kimberly’s quite intriguing. She wanted my help to die in an obscene and intimately gruesome way, impalement. All I needed to bring was my video equipment, signature metal mask, and a knife.

Working in the Atlanta area at the time, it was only a seven-hour drive down to the abandoned farm near the everglades, where she asked that we meet. Carefully parking out of sight from the road, Ghost entered the farm’s rundown barn. Kimberly was standing there, a set of steel wrist restraints dangling from her right wrist, with her hand grasping the impalement post’s thick wooden shaft, dressed in just stockings and high heels.

With a darkly mischievous grin on my face, “Good evening, Ghost. Did you bring everything you needed?”

Smiling behind his signature metal mask, as he watched Kimberly’s grip on that wooden impalement post tighten, “Yes, I did. It will take a few minutes to set up all the cameras and lights. As you can well imagine, when you’re recording a snuff film, there’s only going to be one take. After all, it’s not like you can ask the leading lady to come back from the dead.”

Tightening my grip on the impalement post, “Yes, I imagine that might be a bit awkward.”

Forcing myself to relax my death grip on that impalement post, I leaned back against one of the old crates that littered the barn as I watched Ghost setting up his equipment to record my torturously fatal fantasy. “So, how often do you do personal requests like mine?”

Adjusting the final camera, Ghost switched it on as he replied, “While your request is undoubtedly the most unusual I’ve received, you’d be surprised at how many requests that I do get.”

Pausing to move the stool up against the side of the impalement post below the post’s protruding steel spike, he continued, “So, Kimberly, everything’s ready. Are you?”

Walking over to where he was standing next to the impalement post, I replied, “Ghost, I’ve been more than ready for as long as I can remember.”

Pausing to push up onto my toes, I leaned in and kissed the side of his face-concealing mask, leaving a red lipstick stain on the metal, then softly whispered, “Thank you.”

Securing Kimberly’s wrists behind her back, Ghost picked her up and lifted her over the impalement post. Carefully aligning the entrance of her sex, he slowly lowered her onto the shaft, the post’s tip slipping effortlessly into the moist heated depths of her vagina until the toes of her high heels finally reached the waiting stool.

A faint gasp of pleasure escaped my lips as I felt that wooden shaft slipping upward into my vagina. I didn’t think I’d ever felt this sexually aroused in my entire life. When the toes of my high heels finally reached the safety of the stool, I knew I had at least six inches of that deadly impalement post already inside me.

Balancing there on my toes, with my heels dangling precariously beyond the back edge of the stool, I slowly started rocking up and down on my toes. The erotically powerful sensation of that thick shaft grinding against my clitoris as it slowly slid in and out of me, almost overwhelming as I embarrassingly realized I was rapidly approaching orgasm.

Ghost smiling with amusement beneath his mask, patiently waited until after Kimberly climaxed before kicking the stool out from under her.

The warm afterglow of my unanticipated orgasm ended in an agonizing explosion of pain, the moment when Ghost kicked that stool away. I slipped several inches further down the impalement post. My descent coming to a sudden and painful stop when its unforgiving tip reached my cervix and wedged itself into the entrance of my cervical canal. Screaming in agony, I desperately gripped the post between my legs, fighting to escape the unbearable pain I was enduring. Still, it was impossible, and with every passing second, it steadily grew worse.

For over fifteen minutes, Ghost watched in darkly sadistic amusement as Kimberly hung there screaming until the tip of the impalement post finally managed to tear its way through the muscles of her cervix. Her high-pitched screams of agony abruptly ending, as she slowly continued sinking deeper onto that impalement post.

With the tip of the impalement post past my cervix, the level of pain I was enduring became manageable. I might even have derived some masochistic pleasure except for the sickening sensation of that wooden shaft slipping steadily deeper into my guts. It didn’t matter how hard I fought. The best I could manage was to slow my descent but never wholly stop it.

Ghost heard her starting to gag and realized that the tip of the post had finally reached Kimberly’s throat and that in a few more seconds, it would be completely through her. Grasping a handful of her long blonde hair, he roughly pulled Kimberly’s head back to align her mouth with the tip of the rapidly approaching post. Moments later, the impalement post’s tip obscenely appeared from within her mouth. Gradually, more of the impalement post appeared between her red lips until, with about four inches of wood shaft protruding from her mouth, her torturous descent abruptly halted with her crotch resting upon the post’s protruding metal spike.

Ghost was impressed. Kimberly has not only survived impalement but was remarkably still conscious.

Even as he watched, she still struggled to reach the floor while hanging suspended by that spike beneath her crotch. However, the toes of her high heels were still unable to reach the barn’s floor. Suddenly, Kimberly’s entire body stiffened, and a faint cry that had absolutely nothing to do with pain escaped from around the impalement post filling her mouth. Ghost suddenly realized that Kimberly wasn’t trying to reach the floor. Instead, Kimberly used her legs to rock her pelvis, grinding her clitoris against the impalement post’s wooden shaft. Somehow, while enduring what had to be agonizingly unbearable torment, she’d still managed to have an orgasm, and if he wasn’t mistaken, she was already well on her way to her next climax.

It was at that moment, where Ghost decided to alter the terms of Kimberly’s request.

Their original agreement was that if Kimberly survived impalement, he’d wait twenty-four hours, and if she was still alive, end her suffering by cutting her throat. Then, after harvesting her breast implants for his collection, dispose of her corpse in the alligator-infested swamp behind the farm.

Now, he had no intention of ending this little masochistic pleasure and pain junkie’s suffering. Instead, we’ll wait and see how long it takes her to die by impalement alone. Afterward, I’ll still harvest her implants and dispose of her corpse.

Watching as Kimberly had yet another orgasm, Ghost considered changing one of the most important criteria he uses when selecting his victims, their age. Taking Kimberly into account, his current criteria, twenty to thirty years of age, seems unnecessarily limiting. After all, according to Kimberly’s driver’s license, she’s thirty-six, and ironically, today’s her birthday...