Tonight is the night Iíve always dreamt of, not a night of hedonistic sexual pleasure but rather a horrifying nightmare of brutal, agonizing torment and death.

To be stretched upon the wheel rack by a cruel, sadistic torturer until the mounting tension threatens to dislocate my shoulders and hips, then heíll tighten the rack yet another agonizing notch, merely to hear my desperate screams. However, as torturous as it is, the rack is there only to set the mood.

There are so many delightfully gruesome torments to look forward to. Heavy whips and chain flails, flesh-searing red-hot irons and skewers, cruel breast rippers, and other flesh-rending torture implements. And, all the while, that agonizing wheel rack grows tighter, one brutal notch at a time.

The torturer is highly skilled in his art. So, my brutal death will not come quickly or easily. There will be no mercy tonight, just long hours of unrelenting agony until I finally die for my torturerís cruelly sadistic amusement.

Honestly, all the unspeakably perilous perversions he intends to put me through before I die, should be part of every masochistic pain slutís ultimate nightmare of tortuous death. But, only for those women willing to fully embrace their inner masochistic nature...