Lori felt a sudden chilling sensation of terror deep within her bosom as her Master led her into a part of the dungeon she’d never visited before, a chamber that had always remained locked, that is until tonight. She’d known from the beginning that she wasn’t his first slave, but until she saw all those human bones lying scattered around that terrifying place, never fully realizing the horrifying fate of all those who submit to the Master.

Watching from beneath his face concealing hood, he could see the unmistakable look of fear in Lori’s lovely blue eyes as she comprehended the chamber’s true purpose and realized the terrifying reason he’d brought her here this night. He watched Lori’s eyes suddenly go wide as he drew his dagger, it’s polished razor-sharp blade glowing in the chamber’s flickering torchlight.

“We’ve both known from the beginning that this night would eventually arrive. From that first night when you sold yourself into servitude in exchange for payment of your crushing student loan and credit card debt. Of course, that night you never believed that I would break your spirit, destroying forever your useless sense of self, remaking you into my utterly willing sex slave. That night you couldn’t have imagined that you would become the woman who you are now, that you would come to embrace your true masochistically submissive feminine nature, happily offering both your pleasure and pain for your Master’s amusement.”

Placing his hand on Lori’s trembling shoulder, “During our time together, I’ve watched your transformation from a foolish self-interested young woman into a devotedly submissive slave whose sole interest is in the pleasing of her Master. However, your time is my slave has come to an end, and I demand one final act of willing submission, to die for my amusement. And tonight, as a show of my respect for your years of submission, I will allow you a choice, the first and last since you chose servitude, to die upon my dagger or to die within the Iron Maiden. Many chose to end their lives upon the blade of my dagger, a painful yet relatively quick and merciful death, there is no shame in dying upon the blade. Only the most devotedly submissive chose to die within the Iron Maiden, a tortuous and obscenely agonizing death that often takes several delightfully entertaining days.”

Pausing Lori briefly closed her eyes, before opening them and staring up into the eyes of her Master for the first time in almost a decade of servitude. Then with a faint smile upon her lips, “Master, while a quick and merciful death upon your dagger is tempting, if this is to be my final act of willing submission, I chose to die a slow and agonizing death within the Iron Maiden in submissive hope that my Master will find lasting amusement in the sound of my desperate dying screams.”

Lori never realized that I wasn’t actually human, that she’d willingly sold herself into servitude to Barbas, the Demon of Fear. I discovered long ago, the addictive taste of a woman’s emotional energy, a taste only heightened by their willingness to subjugate themselves to me, their Master, so that I may feed off the extremes that come from their enduring both the unimaginable pleasure and pain. As for Lori, she managed to last over 53 delightfully agonizing hours within the Iron Maiden before she finally died. Of course, like all that came before her, at the end I still tricked Lori. In the long centuries, none of my willing slaves has ever chosen the dagger...